Health benefits of pets

Ask any cat owner and he will tell you how positively a beloved pet affects his quality of life. In this article, we will look at the reasons for this effect. Studies show that owners of cats or dogs with high blood pressure notice that they are better in stressful situations than before living with a pet. The fact is that even 15 minutes spent with your furry friend creates physical changes in the body that significantly increase mood and reduce stress. Pets bring companionship and love into the home of an elderly person, not allowing him to feel lonely. Patients with arthritis are advised by doctors to watch their cats and to stretch every time the pet does this to help ease the pain. In addition, studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients suffer fewer anxiety attacks if they have a pet. Dog owners show more daily physical activity than non-owners. After all, a dog requires daily walking, whether it be the sun or bad weather outside the window. Caring for a pet helps children with ADHD burn off excess energy, learn about responsibility and increase self-esteem.

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