Cleansing the liver with drugs

Medicines that are designed to normalize liver function are widely used in the detoxification process. To achieve the maximum effect from their intake, it is necessary to cleanse the liver at the same time as cleaning the intestines and biliary tract. The main thing is to visit a doctor before that and exclude contraindications to the method, as well as identify the degree of organ contamination and select effective means and optimal dosages.

What people choose and why

For detoxification, 2 types of drugs are used, the action of which is aimed at stimulating metabolic processes, accelerating the regeneration of hepatocytes and their protection from toxins. Along the way, thanks to the intake of these funds, the acid-base balance is restored, bile liquefies, which contributes to its early excretion. Among these drugs:

  • hepatoprotectors;
  • choleretic agents.

Hepatoprotectors Are medicines that cleanse and restore the organ. They are made from natural plant materials, such as milk thistle extract, turmeric, and contain phospholipids.

The purpose of hepatoprotectors is to provide protection to hepatocytes and remove toxins from the body. Some of them, in addition to the hepatoprotective, also have a choleretic effect, that is, they accelerate the process of passage of bile through the ducts.


Choleretic drugs they simply stimulate the production of bile and ensure that the duodenum is filled with it to improve digestion, but they do not cleanse the liver itself. In other words, they are ineffective in isolation, but they are widely used in complex treatment.

Along with these drugs, sorbitol, sodium thiosulfate, and magnesia are also used for detoxification. They widen the ducts and gently stimulate the process of removing stones. They are considered sparing and as safe as possible, but never used without consulting a specialist.


The very first and most important step in preparing for detoxification is going to the doctor. At a medical facility, an ultrasound scan will be performed first to confirm or rule out the presence of large stones in the bile ducts. The latter are one of the contraindications to the procedure. Along with this, doctors will assess the general condition of the body, and also identify the level of acidity of gastric juice (it additionally increases with the intake of certain drugs, which leads to the development of chronic diseases).

Other contraindications for liver cleansing:

  • acute colds and infectious diseases;
  • period of exacerbation of chronic ailments;
  • overwork, stress, or persistent irritability;
  • pregnancy, lactation, menstruation.

Additional stages of preparation:

  1. 1 Proper nutrition – separate or vegetarian. It is necessary to cleanse the small intestine and stomach, as well as to improve the general condition of the body. Among other things, during this period, the menu should include honey, millet, lemons, persimmons, dried apricots, choleretic teas and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also important to give up fried, fatty, smoked foods, remove alcohol from the diet, and quit smoking.
  2. 2 Cleansing enemas – they provide cleansing of the large intestine and are carried out with warm water or a decoction of beets in the morning. The initial volume is 700 ml at a time, which should be increased over time to 1,5 liters.
  3. 3 Peace – a few days before the procedure, you should take care of maximum relaxation: avoid conflict and stressful situations, heavy physical exertion.

Some experts along the way advise fasting. There is a sense in this: cleansing the liver is more effective if it is carried out after cleansing the intestines, which is provided by enemas and refusal of food. Meanwhile, it is also possible to resort to it only according to indications. In addition, consulting a doctor will help determine the acceptable food and drink during this period. You can fast for no more than 3 days.

The preparatory stage is allowed to stretch for a period from 7 days to 5 weeks. It is believed that during this time the body will rest and cleanse itself of impurities that can interfere with the process of elimination of toxins.

Cleaning with preparations

It is worth noting that it is best to schedule cleaning, regardless of the choice of cleaning products, for the weekend. This will allow you to stay at home and complete all the necessary procedures.

Detoxification with sorbitol

This is a remedy with a slight choleretic effect, which is simultaneously used to cleanse the kidneys and bile. True, one of its side effects is the elimination of potassium and calcium from the body, but it is not scary if you donate blood for the presence of these trace elements and eliminate their deficiency.

Sorbitol is drunk in several ways: the first involves taking it 6 times a day every third day, and the second less often. According to him, in the evening, a warm heating pad is applied to the liver area, and then a decoction prepared in advance from diluted 2 tbsp is taken. l. sorbitol in 100 ml of boiled water. The drug is taken in small sips at 20.00, alternately with a choleretic drink. The latter is prepared from a handful of corn silk mixed with 1 tbsp. l. chamomile flowers and 2 tbsp. boiling water. It is infused for 40 minutes, and is taken in a small dose – only 50 ml.

The cleansing process begins after 1,5 – 3 hours after taking both funds. To consolidate the effect, an enema should be given the next morning. Please note that it is allowed to repeat the procedure no earlier than after 3 weeks. No more than 6 procedures should be performed per year. After each of them, weakness may appear, which usually disappears after 2 to 3 days. Then the general condition of the body improves.

Detoxification with sodium thiosulfate

The uniqueness of the product lies in the ability to form sulfites in the body, which gently remove salts of heavy metals from it, including mercury, hydrocyanic acid. Doctors prescribe a drug for the treatment of skin diseases (externally), getting rid of intoxication (internally).

The course of treatment is 10 days. For its implementation, a 30% solution of thiosulfate in ampoules is purchased. In 100 ml of boiled water, dilute 10 – 15 ml of solution (the volume is chosen based on body weight). Every evening during the course, the entire prepared drink is drunk before bedtime (all 100 ml), if necessary, neutralizing the unpleasant taste with lemon. Another option is to prepare a solution from 1 ampoule diluted in 1 tbsp. boiled water and drink half at night, and the second – in the morning on an empty stomach. Eating after that is allowed after half an hour.

Cleansing the body usually begins in the early morning. It is important to remember that sodium thiosulfate can cause allergic reactions, therefore, if you have a tendency to them, it is better to refuse to take it.

Cleaning with magnesium

The procedure is more likely to be a prophylactic tyubage, although special preparation is also required before it is carried out. Magnesia removes bile, cleanses the digestive tract, eliminates toxins, but sometimes exacerbates cholecystitis, ulcers, and significantly increases acidity. That is why you should definitely visit a doctor before taking it.

When detoxifying for 1 – 2 hours, hold the heating pad on the right side, then dissolve 2 tbsp. l. magnesia in a glass of warm boiled water. Drink the product in half an hour in 2 visits. One hour after that, the heating pad cannot be removed from the liver area. There is another option – you need to prepare the solution from a glass of hot mineral water with 1 tbsp. l. magnesia. It provides the fastest expansion of the bile ducts, but it can be painful.

Holosasis cleaning

The drug is a rosehip extract, premixed with sucrose. It is prescribed for people suffering from cholecystitis and hepatitis. It not only cleanses the liver, but also provides the body with vitamin C, thereby improving its general condition.

Take it for 1 tbsp. l. three times a day half an hour before meals in a course for 10 – 30 days, depending on the degree of slagging. At the same time, they follow a diet, adhere to all stages of preparation. The drug usually does not cause side effects, with the exception of an allergic reaction to some of its components.

Essentiale cleaning

It is used for violations of the liver in conjunction with diet No. 5. The drug prevents the development of fibrosis – the appearance of scar tissue, fatty degeneration of hepatocytes. The duration of the course is up to 3 weeks, but the dosage is chosen by the doctor, based on the results of the patient’s analyzes.

Cleaning with Oats

In fact, this is a peeling with oats, which helps to improve the outflow of bile and remove toxins from the body (Ovesol itself is a food supplement with an extract of oats). The remedy relieves spasms, but when taken for the first time, it sometimes causes pain in the liver, which can be minimized by adherence to the diet.

Oatsol is released in drops and capsules. The standard regimen involves taking 15 capsules 2 times a day for 30 days. It is recommended to drink them with 100 ml of warm boiled water. You can repeat the course every three months.

When choosing a tablet form, Ovesol is taken 1 tablet twice a day for about 3 weeks. It has no contraindications, but it can cause allergic reactions, worsen well-being in the presence of large stones, chronic diseases, therefore, before using it, you must always consult a doctor.

Allohol detoxification

The drug contains dry animal bile, as well as extracts of nettle and garlic, activated carbon and accelerates the process of excretion of bile, eliminates constipation, flatulence.

Take it in tablet form, 1 – 2 tablets three times a day for 3 weeks every three months. Another option is to take with magnesium and lemon juice. In this case, at 16.00 they drink 3 tsp. magnesia, washed down with warm water, and at 19.00 do a cleansing enema.

The next day they starve, taking from 08.00 every 2 hours and until lunchtime, 100 ml of apple juice. Then the fresh is replaced with water, but solid food is still not consumed. At 20.00 they drink 2 Allohol tablets, and at 21.00 – 50 ml of olive oil and 30 ml of lemon juice. Then they lie under the covers and warm the liver with heating pads. After that, the knees are pressed to the stomach and lie on the right side with a heating pad for another 1 – 2 hours.

After this time, you can take a comfortable position and sleep, and in case of severe nausea, chew a crust of stale bread or ginger. An enema should be given at 06.00:XNUMX in the morning, and a vegetarian diet should be strictly followed for the next few days.

Contraindications to the drug – obstructive jaundice, liver dystrophy, ulcers, acute hepatitis, a tendency to allergic reactions. A possible side effect is severe diarrhea, in which case it is important to stop the brushing cycle.

Activated carbon cleaning

This is an affordable drug that relieves intoxication and simultaneously cleanses the liver. It is taken at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight in two ways. The first involves taking it twice a day for 2 weeks (that is, people weighing 60 kg drink 6 tablets at a time, 70 kg – 7 tablets, etc.). The second is to take 1 tablet on the first day, two on the second, and so on until the recommended dose by weight is reached. When the dose is reached, it is reduced according to the standard scheme, and so on 2 times.

In any case, it is recommended to drink pills one hour before meals or 1,5 hours after. Additionally, you should provide yourself with a drinking regimen, take probiotics to improve the intestinal microflora.

It is forbidden to drink activated carbon in case of exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, the presence of ulcerative colitis, taking antineoplastic, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Liver detoxification is also carried out with drugs such as Carsil, Bonjigar, Heptral, Silymarin, Liposil etc., but only under the supervision of a physician.

What to do after

After taking the selected medicines for 7 to 10 days, you can expand the diet by diluting plant foods with food of animal origin. The main thing is to do it gradually and not to abuse alcohol, fatty, fried, smoked, then the visible effect will last for a long time, and the state of health will improve.

Products that positively affect the state of the organ’s work will help to prolong it:

  • garlic, onions, cabbage, beets, lemon – they contribute to its natural cleaning;
  • artichoke, prunes, berries, citrus fruits, melons, apples, pears – they contain substances with antioxidant properties that effectively remove toxins.

Summing up, I would like to note that cleansing the liver with drugs is an effective and proven method, but you can resort to its help only after consulting a specialist. The most powerful substances that are contained in the composition of drugs can both help a person, having a hepatotropic effect, and harm – giving a reaction to the kidneys. A competent selection of funds, an accurate calculation of the dosage and monitoring the state of health at the time of detoxification will help prevent the terrible.

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