12 utensils that a vegetarian should not do without in the kitchen


Professional blenders

Mixing, chopping and creating a homogeneous mass are some of the most popular processes that have to be performed in the kitchen. Thoroughly ground foods are easier for the body to digest. But it is not always enough perseverance and nervous system to carefully grind nuts or, say, finely chop fruits. This is where the “game”, that is, cooking, comes into play! 

There is one general requirement for the device – ergonomics. Therefore, developers strive to create simple but functional designs. For example, one of the most popular models on the market from Rawmid is made in such a way that it will easily fit into any interior and become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. 

Need to make a fresh cocktail? Prepare a fragrant topping from a mixture of nuts? Or harder – to break the ice? It will cope with all these tasks. 

Professional blenders have a couple of “appetizing” benefits for lovers of delicious desserts. The device allows you to quickly make natural nut paste of excellent consistency. You can also make real banana ice cream: just beat the fruit, which is previously left overnight in the freezer. Due to the power of the blender, it easily grinds this mass. 

The design of the device includes a container mounted on a motor equipped with a control panel. That’s all! When choosing, you should understand exactly why you need a blender. Its main task is to “chop” large foods into small ones, which are then consumed as food. Do not stir the dough in a blender and do not beat eggs in it – there is a dough mixer and a mixer for this. 

When choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:

Motor power. It is recommended to consider models with a motor from 1500 W. And top models can have a 2900 W “engine” and provide 50 rpm.

· Volume of working capacity. To have a supply and the ability to cook any dishes, focus on the volume of 2 liters.

bowl material. Together with traditional glass and plastic, eco-friendly materials such as tritan have proven themselves in recent years. 

A blender is worth having at hand – for a vegetarian, such a device works “XNUMX days a week”. 

Mini blenders 

Ergonomic, productive and stylish – this is how mini blenders can be described. The device is designed for the same tasks as its “big brother”, but it does them in slightly smaller volumes. These blenders take up very little space and are easy to hide on any shelf. At the same time, there is no better assistant for preparing a fresh smoothie or cocktail after a run and at any time of the day than a mini blender! 

It is not necessary to defrost vegetables and fruits – throw frozen ones into the bowl, set the speed on the control panel and after a couple of minutes you are already drinking a healthy drink. 

In a mini blender, the volume of the bowl is about 0,5-1 liter. The motor power of 500 W can cope with any tasks. Well, the control panel offers 2-3 modes for working with products. 

An important advantage of the mini-blender for the user is a wide choice of equipment. Let’s take the model for example.   

This device can be assembled like a designer! You will get three useful devices at once: a sports bottle, a blender with a bowl for grinding food and a device for making finer grinding. Wow! And you are ready to add nuts, chocolate and dried fruits to a smoothie bowl, porridge or raw cake. 

Auger juicers 

Freshly squeezed juice is known to everyone as a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. A glass of drink on an empty stomach stimulates digestion and strengthens the immune system. Only juice is different for juice – and among other things, the extraction process affects the content of useful elements. 

Screw models use a gentle mode, in which vegetables, fruits and herbs pass through the screw, the cake and juice are separated. Juice through a separate channel enters the container, and the cake is discarded in the other direction. The result is freshly squeezed juice in the shortest time and with the preservation of the full complex of vitamins and minerals. The drink is obtained with pulp – but there is no foam and stratification. And if you do not like the pulp, then use the strainer supplied by the manufacturer. 

The thing is definitely useful – it remains to choose the right model. Here are some time-honored tips for doing this: 

1. The power of the “engine” should be about 200 watts. Less may not be enough for work, and more is a waste of energy.

2. Screw speed at the level of 40-60 rpm. This indicator contributes to the creation of the ideal juice without disturbing the balance of the vitamin.

3. Control panel. Strive for comfortable work with the device in order to enjoy the pleasure of juicing. And one more thing: many juicers have operating modes for certain fruits, which is very convenient!

4. A wide feed opening that makes it easy to work with any fruit – you don’t even have to cut them first. 

It meets all these requirements – a powerful device that can turn vegetables and fruits into freshly squeezed juice in a matter of minutes. 


Fruit is needed all year round. As are vegetables. It is far from always possible to find products of acceptable quality on store shelves – so why not prepare them yourself? 

For long-term storage of fruits, it is sufficient to carefully remove all moisture from the structure of the fruit. In this case, it does not rot, does not deteriorate, but retains the benefits and the vitamin complex. Dehydrators are not yet used as often as blenders, for example. But with increasing attention to the daily diet, the demand for appliances will begin to grow. 

The design of the dehydrator resembles (in fact, it is) an oven: a spacious compartment for placing chopped fruits and vegetables, a powerful heating battery and a control panel. You lay out products on removable panels, set the mode – and after a while you take out your own dried fruits. Determine the degree of drying yourself – a great opportunity to experiment with flavors! And in autumn and winter, enjoy healthy natural fruits. And no shopping! 

The dehydrator is very convenient to use for harvesting berries and dried fruits for the winter. The device does an excellent job with drying herbs – linden, blueberry leaves, gooseberries and any others – the device dries the leaves, preserving their structure. 

Dehydrators are often compared to dryers. But this device has its own differences:

Higher-quality plastic, which is characterized by increased strength and the absence of harmful fumes.

· The design is designed to work with any product, while dryers can only process small portions.

· Extensive opportunities to control the temperature and the drying process, in contrast to the limited functionality of the dryer. 

When choosing a dehydrator, think ahead about how many healthy snacks you plan to make. If you have a large family, then feel free to take it, which includes 10 steel trays. If you want a more compact model, then pay attention to the one with seven trays. 

Oil presses 

Own mini-production of vegetable oil – right in the kitchen! For a vegetarian, this is an excellent solution to provide natural and nutritious oil to the diet. The high content of trace elements in oil cultures is reduced by industrial production. That is, there is oil, but the concentration of useful substances in it is significantly reduced compared to the initial one. 

Oil presses are designed to make your own oil (hot and cold pressed) from any seeds and nuts. Almonds, peanuts, flax, sunflower seeds and the like can be used as raw materials.

Why an oil press is convenient: 

1. Reliable design based on simplicity.

2. Clear control panels with the necessary operating modes.

3. Respect for products. 

Some small restaurants are acquiring such devices – this reduces the cost of long-term use, and also supplies cooks with natural oil. 

In addition to the classic manual model, you can choose an electric oil press from Rawmid. This model significantly speeds up the production of butter and allows you to make a larger volume with the same quality. 


Storing food in a vacuum ensures a long period of freshness and preservation of benefits. The industrial vacuum was previously used only on a large scale and in restaurants. Today there are models that can be installed in any kitchen. The device differs in compactness, functionality and accuracy in work. 

The equipment of the device includes a set of storage bags, film, cutter (only in PRO versions) and an air pumping motor. After placing the products in a package (container, bottle – the device works with all types of containers), turn on the device. The air is removed through the tubes (except for models with bags) – and only the vacuum-packed product remains. The shelf life is multiplied. It is very convenient to use a vacuum cleaner for preparing lunches for work and for storing fresh fruits and vegetables for the winter. 

The device can be used for pickling food (there is a special mode in PRO versions) – due to the vacuum, the mariande penetrates the food faster, reducing cooking to 20-30 minutes. Manufacturers of this category of equipment produce models that can work with wet and delicate products. For example, a packer can equally accurately create a vacuum with any product, including liquid! 


Behind the not-so-ordinary name lies a practical device. With it, you can make fresh and tasty urbechi from any product. Unlike pasta, urbech has a more uniform structure and is not subjected to any heat treatment. 

What can be done with a melangeur? A lot of things: this is a fragrant homemade chocolate of a delicate texture, which is easy to pour into prepared molds. You yourself can make flour exactly the grinding that is required. And if you add here a lot of cream soups, mashed potatoes and desserts, then the benefits of the device become undeniable. 

Special millstones (often granite) are installed in the melangeur, which are able to grind any products (nuts, fruits, vegetables) into a homogeneous mass. As a result, you will have fresh pasta on your table! The powerful engine of the device drives the system and the millstones begin to grind the necessary products – all this starts after pressing the “Start” button. Management is extremely simple, and the processing process retains all the freshness and usefulness of the products. 

The user also receives additional nozzles that perform certain functions. So, the model is equipped with a mixer nozzle (it is clear why) and a speller nozzle, which helps to quickly make a large supply of coconut flakes. 

sous vide 

For many, the device will be a “discovery”. Sous vide is a submersible device used to preserve the maximum benefit of the products. Among the various designs, thermal models stand out, such as those from Rawmid. Such a heater has one feature – it is designed for cooking in a vacuum. That is, the usage looks like this: 

1. Vacuum-packed products are placed in a saucepan.

2. Sous vide is also placed there.

3. Set the required temperature – and that’s it! 

Due to the high accuracy of temperature setting (up to 0,1 degrees), any degree of heating is achieved. Products remain juicy and fully retain their benefits. And nothing will ever burn! 

Sous vide is suitable for those who seek to achieve the optimal state of food, the benefits of nutrition. The device has found wide application in molecular cuisine – most dishes are simply impossible to cook without sous vide! A wide range of operating temperatures may appeal to raw foodists. Also an interesting feature: the control panel of the device allows you to accurately set the temperature (up to 1 degree)! So you can experiment with the preservation of the structure of vegetables in the cooking process. 

Devices for water improvement: distiller, ozonizer 

The water we drink and use while cooking must be clean. An obvious rule, but so often violated. Apparatus for purification and enrichment of water provide the preparation of the most important liquid for a person. 

Rawmid’s home distiller is based on a natural process: water is heated and turns into a gaseous state – after which it condenses in a separate bowl and turns back into a liquid. Such metamorphoses lead to purification from impurities, toxins and harmful elements. As a result, we get crystal clear water. 

The performance of a home distiller of 1 liter per hour is able to provide you with high quality water to the fullest. 

An ozonator is another way to achieve excellent water quality. A small device produces ozone by itself from room oxygen, and then uses the gas to purify the liquid. In an hour, such a “hard worker” can process up to 20 liters of water. The device is usually small in size and does not stand out from the outside in any way – you can even confuse it with some kind of thermometer. 

Spiral cutters 

Not only delicious, but beautiful food! Such a motto is (tacitly) present in the life of a vegetarian. In addition, individual recipes involve special cutting of vegetables and fruits. So why not simplify your life and use a spiral cutter? 

The simple design of the device provides an excellent result: a vegetable (fruit) is placed in the container, which is mounted on the mounts on the lid. You just turn the handle, and at the exit you get a spiral from the product, and of any length. Passing through the cutter, vegetables acquire a characteristic appearance. 

Included with the spiral cutter should be special forms for cutting, which allow you to cook various dishes. Most often, the assembled edge cutter looks like a modified meat grinder. As is the case with the model.  

But there are also more poetic options, looking at which one is drawn to say: “Well, come on, twist your hurdy-gurdy!” Just look at this one for yourself.   

By the way, the device has another name – spirolizer. 


And finally, the most interesting. A complete micro-farm in your kitchen! You can feel like an amateur breeder or a farmer. 

A germinator is installed in a compact form, which will supply you with germinated grains and fresh herbs at any time. So on the table there will always be useful elements that should be present in the diet of a vegetarian. 

You control the process of seed ripening and green growth yourself – for this there is adjustable watering and lamps that work in a certain spectrum to illuminate plants. At the initial stage of seed germination, the device provides uniform watering, and after the roots appear, the plant itself looks for water in the container using the root system. The germinator becomes an individual project for growing fresh food! For example, you can safely grow wheat in your kitchen, up to 15 cm high, from which it is easy to make fresh wheatgrass. 

When choosing, pay attention to the capacity, irrigation and lighting modes, as well as the dimensions and shape of the structure.



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