5 looks with one coat

Spring has finally come to Yekaterinburg! Woman’s Day will show you how to look different every day in the same coat!

Our consultant: image-maker-stylist of the company “Image algorithms” Ekaterina Filatova

– Many girls in the Ural spring prefer black, blue and gray colors – this is more practical. But this year, it is the red color that is confidently replacing powdery and dark shades in outerwear. For five different looks, we chose a bright red oversized coat in a trendy straight silhouette Mango (6800 rub.)

Building images around this Mango coat

If you are used to the fact that the business style is only “white top and black bottom”, then it’s time to change your views. Already on Friday, you can afford looser clothes, even with the strictest dress code. A stylish spring look for a modern girl can be created by complementing a bright red coat with a shirt and trousers in pastel shades. These colors are perfectly combined and create the necessary contrast. A bright coat allows you to wear dark ankle boots with a light set – they are in harmony with each other and create a one-piece image. The black choker supports the ankle boots when the coat is removed. A bag and shoes should not match in color for a long time, the main thing is in style. This beige bag goes well with black ankle boots. At the same time, it is large, roomy and stable, which is simply necessary for a bag for a business bow.

Shirt H&M RUB 1199

Pants Zara 2999 rub.

Zara ankle boots 5999 rub.

Zolla necklace RUB 599

Benetton bag 3499 rub.

Even a casual coat can be turned into a smart one by choosing the right dress and accessories. To go out, we put on a brooch (black and white, red or blue) on a red coat, and a bright blue dress under it. The classic combination of red and blue is sure to attract the attention of others. Our dress here is delicate, but the shoes and bag are rather rough. It seems – a combination of incongruous? But no: one of the trends of recent years. The metallic shade of the clutch is relevant this season. Black tights are suitable for this outfit.

H&M dress 1999 rub.

Mango ankle boots 6499 rub.

Benetton clutch 1899 rub.

This look is suitable for warmer weather, when you can wear an unbuttoned coat. On warm April and May days, we put on nude pumps, a red coat and complement it with a red skirt, which should be 1/3 of its length longer than a coat! In this bow, a bright accent is a green blouse, the skirt is in harmony with the coat, but at the same time it does not merge with it. In bags, they have long departed from the classic forms, and such an unusual shape will suit everyday bows. At the same time, pay attention that the bag and shoes are albeit similar, but still different shades. A memorable bow is ready!

H&M bag 1499 rub.

Blouse Mango RUB 2299

Zara shoes RUB 3999

Skirt Zara 2999 rub.

Coats and sneakers are an incredible trend this season! Usually they are worn in combination with jeans, but if you do not want to be like everyone else, then wear a dress! The dress, of course, should be of a certain cut: sporty, loose, knitted. Orange and red are bold, but they go well together. Note that the sneakers also have orange-red stripes – they are in harmony with the color of the dress and coat. A light blue bag is a stylish accessory! Pretty sporty, but at the same time girlish, it will well complement the entire original set. Of course, this look is more suitable for young girls: to run to the university or on a date, go to the movies with friends or sit in a cafe. But wherever you go in this form, all eyes will be riveted only on you!

Zolla necklace RUB 999

Sneakers Mango 4999 rub.

Benetton dress 2499 rub.

Reserved bag 1799 rub.

Everyone’s favorite ripped jeans plus a red coat equals a casual stylish look! In this case, we do not use sneakers, but ankle boots with small heels. The coat is again a bright accent, everything else is in pastel shades. Ripped jeans have been in favor for several years now, this season we wear boyfriend jeans, a little oversized. With them – a T-shirt with some funny and cheerful print, classic aviator glasses that suit many, take a comfortable backpack and wind up a scarf in delicate shades!

Zara ankle boots 5800 rub.

Jeans H&M RUB 1800

Reserved glasses 799 rub.

Mango bag 3299 rub.

Benetton T-shirt 999 rub.

Mexx scarf RUB 1699

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