Why South Asia is the perfect travel destination

Southeast Asia has long been a favorite travel destination, including those on a budget. This warm and affectionate piece of the planet has a lot to offer its guest. Vibrant crops, exotic fruits, warm oceans and cheap prices are a successful combination that attracts backpackers so much.


Indeed, Asian cuisine is a significant reason for visiting this paradise. Many of those who have visited South Asia will boldly tell you that the most delicious dishes in the world are prepared here. Street snacks in Bangkok, Malaysian curries, Indian paneer and flatbreads… Nowhere else in the world can you find such a fragrant, colorful, varied cuisine as in South Asia.

Available transport

While traveling in Europe or Australia is not cheap, South Asian countries are some of the cheapest and easiest to get around. Cheap domestic flights, regular buses and a developed railway network allow the traveler to easily move from one city to another. Often it only costs a few dollars.


Whether you’re a traveling freelancer or just looking to stay in touch with your family, Asia has wireless internet that’s getting better every year. Almost all guesthouses and hostels are equipped with wireless Internet with optimal speed. By the way, this is a differentiating feature compared to similar places in South America, where wi-fi is mostly expensive, has a weak signal, or it does not exist at all.

Incredibly beautiful beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches belong to Southeast Asia, where the beach season is all year round. Throughout the year you have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear waters of Bali, Thailand or Malaysia.

Major metropolises

If you like the frenetic pace of big cities, then in this case, Southeast Asia has something to offer you. Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur are cities that “never sleep”, where everyone who sets foot on the noisy streets of these megacities receives a dose of adrenaline. Visiting such cities will allow you to see a unique Asian contrast, where tall skyscrapers coexist with historical monuments and temples.

Rich culture

In terms of cultural heritage, Southeast Asia is incredibly vibrant and diverse. A huge number of traditions, languages, customs, ways of life – and all this in a relatively small area.


Perhaps, one of the most memorable “pages” of traveling around Southeast Asia is the open, smiling and happy locals. Despite the many difficulties and difficult times that the local population will face, you will find an optimistic outlook on life almost everywhere you go. Most travelers to Southeast Asia bring back the story of being invited to a wedding or just a dinner party.

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