Practical tips for getting rid of acne

Indian Anjali Lobo shares with us real and actionable recommendations for eliminating acne, an ailment that she has been trying to get rid of for almost 25 years. “At a time when most women are thinking about anti-aging creams, I still did not know how to deal with acne. TV shows and magazines urged everyone over 25 to try anti-wrinkle creams, but in my “well-30s” I was in search of a solution to what seemed to be a teenage problem. I have suffered from acne for most of my life. As a teenager, I consoled myself with the fact that I would “outgrow” and that I would just have to wait. But here I was 20, then 30, and instead of cleansing, the skin was getting worse. After years of unsuccessful treatments, thousands of dollars spent on ineffective medications, and hundreds of hours of frustration about the appearance of my skin, I finally made the decision to clear my face of acne once and for all. And I want to share with you the steps that led me to healthy skin. I always ate more or less correctly, nevertheless, I often indulged in sweets and regularly baked various desserts. Experimenting with my diet to understand what aggravated my acne, I made the decision to give up sugar (there were fruits in the diet). Giving up sugar was extremely difficult for me, but by adding more raw and boiled vegetables, I saw a significant result. After years of using various creams and pills, I made the decision to give up antibiotics and other topical treatments. I needed a solid and long-term solution to the problem, and lotions weren’t. In fact, they led to even more skin irritation. My cleansing diet did the trick from the inside, and natural, clean and organic cosmetics did the trick from the outside. What is my favorite natural remedy? Raw honey! It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties, making it a wonderful healing mask. It was a serious test. I knew that it was impossible to touch my face with my hands: the bacteria that had accumulated on my hands during the day would pass to my face, pores, making the situation worse. In addition, picking pimples inevitably leads to inflammation, bleeding, scarring and blemishes. Although this advice is good, I could not start to follow it for a long time. How difficult it is to resist the habit of endlessly touching your face! I felt the need to check each time for a new pimple and so on. But the decision to kick the habit was the best thing I could do for my skin. Within a week of such an experiment, I saw changes for the better. Even at the sight of a ripening pimple, I taught myself not to touch it and let the body handle itself. Easy to say – hard to do. But 22 years of skin worries didn’t help, so what’s the point? It was a vicious circle: the more I worried about the face (instead of doing something about it), the worse it got, the more upset it led to, and so on. When I finally started to take steps – changed my diet and lifestyle without touching my face – I began to see the result. It’s important to try. Even if something did not work, it does not mean that you are doomed to a lifetime of suffering. It just means that you need to try something else and trust the process. It is worth remembering that acne does not go away overnight, especially if the problem exists for a long time.

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