Vegetarianism without alternatives !!!

To begin with, the human digestive tract is 6 times longer than the body, as well as low acidity, which corresponds to the digestive tract of a herbivore. If the human digestive tract were 3 times longer than the body and had increased acidity, then the person would be a carnivorous creature. Every day we are approaching an epidemic that cannot be stopped due to antibiotics and chemicals that are added to animal feed. As I know, animal hormones enter the human body with meat. Because of the factories of industrial animal husbandry, rivers, seas and even oceans are polluted! Tropical forests are disappearing, on the site of which pastures are made for cows that will go to slaughter. In the human stomach, the meat goes rotten and provokes the appearance of stomach ulcers and cardiovascular diseases. In 90-98% of cases, switching to a strictly vegetarian diet saves a person. Think about what you are eating. After all, animals that are already stunned, but still alive and feeling, are often killed at slaughter. Man thinks that he is the king of nature. In fact, man is not the king of nature, but only a small part of it. Animals were created much earlier than you and me, and they are the main ones on the planet! We can protect ourselves, but animals are defenseless. Once upon a time, animals lived in peace and harmony, in equality, but with the advent of people, animals obeyed people and weakened. Because of the factories of industrial animal husbandry, water, air and EVEN PLANET EARTH IN GENERAL are polluted. We are facing a global catastrophe! If we become strict vegetarians (vegans), we will save the planet from destruction! People, think about these words and think about our planet! By becoming a vegan, you save 1,4 rainforests a year. You will save more than thirty billion animals a year and more than one billion animals a day. Protein can be taken from nuts. By 2050, all natural resources will disappear on earth, and by 2100, all fresh water reserves will disappear from the Earth, the seas and oceans will dry up! Global warming and continental shifts will come! There will be an end of the world from drought and overheating of the Earth! If not earlier, then in 2 – 3 years the end of the world can happen! You see what harm industrial animal husbandry will bring? After reading this, have you decided to become a strict vegetarian (vegan) yet? I can only say one thing. People pour sauce over the meat so that the taste of the death of poor animals is not felt! The meat is actually dark green in color and is dyed with saltpeter! Accept the truth! Save the lives of billions of animals! WHO ARE VEGANS AND WHAT DO THEY EAT? Have you ever thought about how you can make the world a better place by changing your habitual way of life? For example, a simple change in eating habits will lead to the fact that you will not participate in supporting one of the most cruel industries in the world, which kills billions of living beings. Is meat delicious? Some people can’t imagine a delicious meal without a big piece of dead flesh on their plate, and veganism seems to them to be some form of self-torture. However, it is not. Our love for meat is explained solely by our eating habits and social stereotypes, and not at all by the fact that this meat is some kind of unique and irreplaceable product. This habit is as bad as, for example, smoking. It is worth thinking about a moral choice, when on one side of the scale is our taste addiction, unjustified by any real needs, and on the other is the suffering and death of sentient beings. By giving up animal products, you will soon see that a vegan diet gives you the opportunity to eat tasty and varied food, and after a while you will not understand why people still continue to eat dead animals. Can you live without meat? It turns out you can! According to biological parameters (the structure of the digestive system and other features of the body), a person cannot be classified as a predatory animal. Real life facts, as well as numerous scientific studies, have proven that a balanced vegan diet not only allows you to lead a full active lifestyle, but also prevents and sometimes even cures many diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer. Moreover, many doctors believe that these diseases are a direct result of eating animal products. The Association of Physicians for Responsible Medicine recommends a complete rejection of meat, milk, eggs. Humane exploitation does not happen! The production of products that are not directly related to the killing of animals (milk, eggs) in the vast majority of cases means keeping animals in inappropriate conditions, their physical and mental suffering – in general, a hard, joyless life that still ends in slaughter when the animal is no longer able to “serve” the purposes of production. People, think about these words, because science and medicine itself are on the side of vegans (strictly vegetarians). Remember that there is no such thing as humane exploitation. Let’s talk about statistics, ethics, etc. There are only 10-15% of vegetarians in the world, 10% of which are vegans. Now let’s talk about ethics. People who buy and eat animal products may say they don’t kill anyone, but they pay a day for someone else to kill or exploit the animals. It is due to ethical considerations that vegans do not consume any products of animal origin, but only and only products of plant origin. Vegans also save about 100 rubles a year by not buying animal products. Now about the main thing. Industrial animal husbandry will lead the planet to a global catastrophe that will lead to the end of the world. Because of the antibiotics added to animal feed, there have been epidemics such as mad cow disease, bird flu or swine flu. Every second, every minute, every day, every month we are approaching a global epidemic that cannot be stopped. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE CONDITIONS OF TRANSPORTATION AND KEEPING OF ANIMALS ON ANIMAL FARMS. THAT THEY CAN’T EVEN MOVE ON ANIMAL FARMS CALVES ARE KEPT IN CLOSE CAGES AND CHAINED SO EVEN FREELY LIE AND STRETCH THE LEGS THEY CANNOT. PIGS ARE CASTRATED WITHOUT ANESTHESIA, AND THEY ARE SHUT DOWN WITH ELECTRIC SHOCK. PEOPLE TREAT THEM INHUMANLY, ANIMALS WILL TEACH US HOW TO BE HUMAN! IF NOT WE, THEN NO ONE ELSE WILL SAVE THEM. CHICKENS ARE KEPT IN CLOSE CAGES WITH A GRID FLOOR. EACH BIRD HAS A PLACE LESS THAN ONE LANDSCAPE SHEET. PLEASE REVIEW WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE. A PIECE OF MEAT IN A STORE COSTS ON AVERAGE 120 RUBLES, BUT IN ACTUALLY IT COSTS THE LIFE OF A LAMB ÈËÈ BULL, THAT WAS LIVING IN FREEDOM. A PIECE OF PORK COSTS 110 RUBLES ON AVERAGE, BUT IT COSTS THE LIFE OF AN INNOCENT PIG. A CHICKEN IN A STORE COSTS ON AVERAGE 200 RUBLES, BUT IT IS REALLY COST THE LIFE OF A LITTLE CHICKEN AND ADULT CHICKEN. BROILER CHICKEN ARE FEED WITH HORMONES FOR RAPID GROWTH AND WEIGHT GAINING. FROM THIS THEY CAN’T WALK AND EVEN REACH THE WATER. NOT EVERYONE CAN BREAK ON THIS TOPIC, BUT PEOPLE CAN DO IT. EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THESE PAGES IS TRUE. THE SAME MEAT IS PAINTED WITH NITER AND TASTE AND SMELL WITH THE HELP OF VARIOUS CHEMICALS. MANY GREAT PEOPLE CAME TO VEGANITY – PYTHAGORUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, PLATO, SOCRATES, LEO TOLSTOY AND MANY OTHERS. BACK TO THE MAIN. VEGAN DISHES ARE HEALTHER AND MORE VARIOUS THAN NON-VEGAN DISHES. ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS TOO. ANIMALS HAVE SOUL AND FEELINGS. FILMS LIKE *UNMARKED HAMBURGER*, *THE PRICE OF YOUR STEAK* AND *EARTH PEOPLE* SHOW THE TRUTH ABOUT MEAT PRODUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL ANIMALS. These films can be found and downloaded at www.

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