Yoga: Salutation to the Moon

Chandra Namaskar is a yogic complex that symbolizes salutation to the moon. It must be admitted that this complex is younger and less common in comparison with Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation). Chandra Namaskar is a sequence of 17 asanas recommended before starting practice in the evening. One of the main differences between Surya and Chandra Namaskar is that the latter is performed in a slow, relaxed rhythm. The cycle includes only 4-5 repetitions of the complex. On days when you feel overwhelmed, Chandra Namaskar will have a calming effect by cultivating the energizing feminine energy of the Moon. While Surya Namaskar gives a warming effect on the body, stimulating the inner fire. Thus, 4-5 cycles of Chandra Namaskar, performed with calm music on the full moon, followed by Savasana, will cool the body remarkably and replenish energy reserves. On a physical level, the complex stretches and strengthens the muscles of the thigh, acre, pelvis and in general the lower body. Chandra Namaskar also helps to activate the root chakra. The Moon Salutation is recommended for people facing any kind of stress. In some schools it is practiced with a little meditation at the beginning and chanting of various mantras associated with lunar energy. In addition to the above benefits, the Complex relaxes the sciatic nerve, increases self-confidence, tones the pelvic muscles, regulates the adrenal glands, helps develop a sense of balance and respect for the body and mind. The picture shows a sequence of 17 Chandra Namaskar asanas.

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