Aromatherapy, or Essential oils for a bath

One of the best places for relaxation, recovery and detoxification is a bath (sauna). The use of natural essential oils increases the healing effect of the procedure, stimulating the release of bacteria, cleansing the lungs and much more. Today we will look at which oils to use in the bath, as well as the specific properties of each of them. Essential oils, scientifically speaking, are hydrophobic liquids that contain aromatic compounds from different plants. This oil is usually extracted from plants by distillation. Essential oil is not placed directly on the stones in the sauna, it must be diluted with water. The correct proportion is 1 liter of water and about 4 drops of oil. After that, you need to stir the solution, then pour it on the stones. To disinfect the sauna surface, it is recommended to frequently spray the floor, seat boards and walls of the sauna with this solution. Today, this oil is one of the most popular. Eucalyptus oil has a sweet, soothing aroma that has many healing properties. For colds and runny nose, the use of eucalyptus oil in the bath will clear the channels clogged with mucus. In general, it provides an effective relaxation for the body and mind. Birch oil is another great option and is the choice of many avid Finnish sauna lovers. Its smell is known for its pungent minty aroma. Being an effective disinfectant oil, it cleanses not only the sauna itself, but also the body. Birch helps to harmonize the mind and body. Pine is a very common essential oil. One has only to inhale it a little, as a dense coniferous forest rises before one’s gaze. The oil is instantly relaxing as the woody scent promotes an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. In addition, pine improves the condition of the respiratory system. The aroma of citrus has an awakening, energizing aroma. Citrus essential oil is especially good for muscles and muscle pain relief. Wonderfully clears the mind and invigorates the body.

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