Healthy and Delicious French Beans

Green beans, also known as French beans, are rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. In fact, they are the unripe fruits of green beans, which have long been recommended for diabetes. How can French beans help your body: – Useful for menstruation in women and those with iron deficiency

– Promote fetal heart health during pregnancy

– Prevent constipation due to high fiber content

The flavonoids and carotenoids in beans have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve symptoms of gout.

– Possess a moderate diuretic effect, stimulating the elimination of toxins from the body

– According to some studies, green beans, ground into a powder and applied to eczema, help reduce itching and dry skin. One of the main benefits is the effect of green beans on heart health. Being rich in antioxidants, they are very heart nourishing and protect against oxidative damage. The fiber in beans lowers blood cholesterol levels. In addition, these beans are high in magnesium and potassium, which help control blood pressure. French beans contain alpha-linolenic acid, which has been shown to protect against coronary heart disease. A diet rich in this acid helps reduce the risk of heart attack, as well as triglyceride and cholesterol levels. It is important to note that green beans are recommended to be steamed or stewed.

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