Vegan Diet Saves Unborn Babies

Scientists have found that pregnant women who eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and drink enough water, are much less likely to lose a child as a result of premature birth.

A joint Swedish-Norwegian-Icelandic study found such a fruit-vegetable-grain diet (scientists tentatively called it “reasonable”) as significantly increasing fetal safety. It has also been found that another diet (called “traditional”) containing boiled potatoes and vegetables and low-fat milk (a kind of “diet food”) also ensures the safety of the fetus and the health of the mother. At the same time, it has been statistically established that a “Western” diet containing salt, sugar, bread, sweets, processed meats and similar unhealthy foods is dangerous for the fetus and in some cases leads to its loss.

The study was conducted on the basis of data obtained from 66 thousand healthy women, they had 3505 (5.3%) premature births (miscarriages), which resulted in the death of the child. At the same time, doctors stated that miscarriage is the cause of fetal death in 75% of cases (that is, obviously the main problem of childbirth). The basis for assessing the dietary habits of mothers were detailed food diaries that women kept in the first 4-5 months of pregnancy.

A complete list of foods that are suitable for pregnant mothers, and which are best to stick to from the very first months, include: vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, water as the main drink, whole grain cereals and bread, which is rich in fiber. Scientists have found that it is especially important to follow the right diet for women who are about to give birth to their first child. It is in this category of expectant mothers that a vegan diet, and to a lesser extent, a “diet” diet with boiled potatoes, fish and vegetables, causes a sharp decrease in the risk of miscarriage, as well as sudden birth.

The authors of the study also emphasize in their report that in the diet for expectant mothers, the foods that a woman consumes are more important than those that she completely abandoned. That is, you should not worry too much if you could not restrain yourself and ate some nasty things from the diner – but healthy food should be consumed regularly, daily, without depriving the body of the nutrients it needs.

This study proved the effectiveness of eating “the old fashioned way” – that is, the validity of “Diet number 2”, which doctors now most often recommend to pregnant women. But it also established the even greater value of a “fresh” diet containing significant amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (i.e., a vegan diet, so to speak).

Professor Lucilla Poston of King’s College London commented on the results of the Nordic Science Alliance, saying that this is far from the first study highlighting the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption by pregnant mothers, and urged physicians around the world to “bring this message to pregnant women around the world in order to they ate healthy food.”  



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