Year of the Monkey
People born in the year of the Monkey are expressive. In the article we will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this sign and other characteristics inherent in it.

Monkeys were born in the following years: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

In the Chinese horoscope, the Monkey is a cunning beast that always challenges the one who is stronger and is not afraid of obstacles. The next year of the Monkey will be in 2028: it will be held under the auspices of the Earth Monkey. In the East, it is believed that everything consists of 5 substances: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Therefore, the sign of the zodiac corresponds to a certain substance and is endowed with its characteristics. Together with the astrologer, we found out how people born in the year of the Monkey differ, what brings them good luck and with what signs they have high compatibility.

What does the Monkey symbolize in the Chinese horoscope 

Representatives of this sign are witty, sociable and self-confident. Monkeys have a well-developed intuition and sense of humor, they are characterized by pride and resourcefulness. People born under the sign of the Monkey find it easy to navigate in a new environment. In addition, they are not afraid of change and try to perceive life as a gift of fate, a reward. Despite their temper and eccentricity, Monkeys respect others and are very fond of communication.

  • Personality type: innovator
  • Strengths: ingenuity, perseverance, prudence, courage, artistry, sincerity
  • Weaknesses: irascibility, arrogance, distrust
  • Best Compatibility: Horse, Tiger, Dog
  • Talisman stone: opal, aquamarine, hyacinth
  • Colors (shades): white, blue, gold
  • Flowers: chrysanthemum 
  • Lucky number: 4 and 9

What years are in the Year of the Monkey 

The characteristics of a person according to the Chinese horoscope also depend on the year in which he was born. For example, 2016 and 1956 were the year of the Fire Monkey. This sign is the strongest and most powerful among all Monkeys.

February 6, 1932 – January 25, 1933Water Monkey
January 25, 1944 – February 12, 1945Wood Monkey
February 12, 1956 – January 30, 1957Fire Monkey
January 30, 1968 – February 16, 1969Earth Monkey 
February 16, 1980 – February 4, 1981Metal Monkey 
February 4, 1992 – January 22, 1993Water Monkey 
January 22, 2004 – February 8, 2005Wood Monkey 
February 8, 2016 – January 27, 2017Fire Monkey
February 28, 2028 – February 12, 2029 Earth Monkey 

A monkey born in each of the years is distinguished by its inherent character and disposition – the elements of fire, water, earth, wood and metal are responsible for this.

What Monkeys are

Fire Monkey

The energetic and active Fire Monkey sees no obstacles in front of him. Among all the Monkeys, she is the most unpredictable and quick-tempered. By nature, people born under the sign of the Fire Monkey are sociable, decisive and self-confident. They want to get everything and a little more from life. Like other Monkeys, her imagination is especially developed. There is a desire to change not only yourself, the people around you, but the whole world. The fire inside and out makes this Monkey assertive and domineering, which helps to achieve the desired results in life and work.

Strengths: sociability, determination, ingenuity. Weak sides: stubbornness, assertiveness, authority.

Water Monkey

The Water Monkey has trouble taking criticism. Water, as the opposite of fire, endowed the sign with shyness, modesty and the ability to assess the situation. There is always straightforwardness in the actions of the Water Monkey, she does not like lies and secrecy, although she herself sometimes hides the details of her personal life in order to protect herself from the opinions of others. The sign has a developed sense of purpose, an understanding of what a person wants from life, and how to achieve this. In his actions, the Water Monkey is not harsh, but if necessary, he always chooses himself, and not someone else.

Strengths: devotion, discipline, calmness.  Weak sides: capriciousness, negligence, pettiness. 

Earth Monkey

Proximity to the Earth makes this Monkey a calm, balanced, collected person. The Earth Monkey is principled and has its own views on everything. In addition, she often plunges into her own thoughts and drowns in them – others perceive this as a retreat into herself. But this is how the Earth Monkey is filled with energy for life. She loves to communicate with people and tries to surround herself only with those who share her views. The Earth Monkey is open to this world – representatives of the sign often have a desire to help disinterestedly, giving their strength for the benefit of others.

StrengthsKeywords: education, prudence, insight. Weak sides: arrogance, exactingness, arrogance.

Wood Monkey

Inexhaustible interest in the new, developed imagination, determination – all this is about the Wood Monkey. She has an incredible ability to work and a desire to change the world. But this does not always work out, because the Wood Monkey is impatient, and the results, as everyone knows, do not appear immediately. The Wood Monkey builds relationships with people on openness and honesty, is not afraid of vulnerability and pain. It can also be called a discoverer or a researcher. Often, Wood Monkeys retain childish traits – they tend to ask a lot of questions and be sincere both with themselves and with others.     

Strengths: diligence, honesty, openness. Weak sides: restlessness, impatience, wastefulness.  

Metal or Gold Monkey

The Metal Monkey has a penchant for workaholism. A strong love for work and a desire to constantly get better can cause other areas of life to “stop”. The Golden Monkey has a strong spirit, an independent character and high demands on himself. Such people are attentive to others, treat people with kindness and understanding. But communication is most often preferred work. Labor attracts them from the material side. In money, Metal Monkeys see security and an opportunity to manifest themselves. 

Strengths: independence, courage, love of life. Weak sides: pride, arrogance, arrogance.

Characteristics of the Monkey man

The Monkey man has an active character, he is characterized by love of life and faith in the best. He does not like to sit still, prefers to move – this applies to work, and life, and leisure. The Monkey Man is convinced that he should help people – he does it from the bottom of his heart. He has a straight line. Often men born in the year of the Monkey love publicity. They are good at public speaking, commenting, and educating others.

Characteristics of the Monkey Woman

Girls and women who were born under the sign of the Monkey are also active and interesting. They create a pleasant atmosphere around themselves, they like to communicate and look for new hobbies. Because of their attractiveness, Monkey women are not deprived of attention from men – they enjoy this opportunity, but remain faithful to their partner. Representatives of this sign are successful in their work, they value their time and the time of others. They have a good sense of humor and stable self-esteem.

Child born in the Year of the Monkey

Already at a young age, the child shows interest in different areas of life. He likes to try new things and look for what he likes the most. A baby born in the year of the Monkey is calm, but at the moment he can get angry even at loved ones. The optimism inherent in the child encourages him to new achievements. Often Monkey children do not pay attention to the opinions of others, but act as they want. Parents of such children should pay attention to the behavior of the child – if he manipulates and becomes an adult, you should calmly talk to him about this topic.

Monkey in different areas of life

The balance in different areas is inherent in the Monkey-man. Thanks to the ability to communicate with people and establish contact, the Monkey feels good at home, at work, and in relationships with friends. This sign tends to look for itself and try new things – a feature that does not let you get bored and spend life monotonously. The monkey loves to show up and at the same time understands how important it is to help others. It happens that the desire to save someone does not allow you to enjoy time alone with yourself. The same sometimes happens with work.

Monkey in love and marriage

The love relationships of the Monkeys are saturated just like the rest. They like it when there is fullness in love and marriage, partners are not shy about showing feelings and are happy to spend time with each other. At the beginning of a relationship, not all Monkeys are 100% open – they evaluate a partner, study his behavior and choose whether to trust him or not. Despite this, representatives of the sign can fall in love very quickly, spontaneously. Their energy does not give them room for reflection. Breaking up a relationship can be just as drastic. It happens that Monkeys quickly lose interest in a partner and disappear from sight.

In marriage, Monkeys are demanding and want their partner to understand and accept them. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to cope with impulses of feelings and marriage looks like a test for him. Loneliness does not frighten the Monkey, because it is easy for her to find a partner due to sociability, it is easy to switch to another person and live like this – from time to time changing one to another.

monkey in friendship

Friendly relations for monkeys most often do not carry benefits. They don’t want to hurt their friends and don’t understand how to play on the feelings of others. Thanks to his openness and desire to help, the Monkey man finds real friends for himself. It is easy for him to communicate with them. The monkey loves to show interest in the lives of friends, spend time with them and does not forget how important it is to talk live. 

Monkey in work and career

Ambitiousness and determination make a Monkey a good employee who knows how and wants to do his job. Often, representatives of the sign are faced with the fact that they want more and stop paying attention to other areas of life. In work, it is important for them to be not so much successful as useful. Monkeys confidently build a career and understand what they want. They make excellent bosses who know how to establish contact – they are self-confident, disciplined and collected.  

Monkey and health

Activity brings Monkey happiness – this is reflected in health. She rarely gets sick, monitors her condition and boasts outstanding physical performance. If the Monkey is concerned about diseases, then most often they are associated with the work of the heart and nervous system. The representatives of the sign should be attentive to overload at work – this can lead to the development of complications or exacerbation of chronic diseases. 

Monkey compatibility with other signs

Monkey Rat

The compatibility of these signs is high if the partners have common goals. Both the Monkey and the Rat love to communicate, they easily find a common language with others. They are united by energy and initiative. It is important that the Rat and the Monkey see each other as a kindred spirit, then their union will be strong. In a love relationship, a couple reveals itself in stages – both partners are bright and emotional, but at the same time they can control each other. It is important to accept impulsiveness and irascibility and trust the partner, not to make unrealistic demands on him.

Monkey Bull

Representatives of these signs have different temperaments and life goals. But that’s what draws them to each other. Opposites collide and it happens that a spark arises that makes the relationship full, sincere and free. Nevertheless, astrologers advise the Bull and the Monkey to cooperate at work or be friends. In love, the former often receive less attention, because the Monkey is concentrated only on himself.

monkey tiger

The Tiger, like the Monkey, knows how to adapt to life circumstances. He is not afraid of the unknown, and adventurism in the eyes gives the desire and desire to change for the better. In alliance with the Monkey, he gives the partner complete freedom and accepts all the complexities of the nature of this sign. Tiger and Monkey love adventure, they like to learn new things and explore this world. In a relationship, they respect each other and strive to understand the partner. 


The monkey is interested in the Rabbit, as he is in her – partners do not need anyone else in this union. The only thing is that the Monkey sometimes wants to escape from everyday life and love relationships in the company of friends or colleagues, and the Rabbit does not always understand this. He wants his partner to pay more attention and be there whenever he has the opportunity. Intellectually, the signs are also compatible – they have something to talk about, something to tell a friend. In such a union, understanding and peace reign if both partners want to be close to each other.

Monkey Dragon  

The depth of the relationship between the Monkey and the Dragon can only be envied. The signs have high compatibility – they are easy to be alone, they want to spend time together more often and achieve their goals. Both the Dragon and the Monkey in such a union grow as individuals. The fiery temperaments of the partners make the relationship ideal in terms of conflict. This is definitely unavoidable. It is only important to learn to calm down and understand that a loved one is also prone to temper.

Monkey Snake

They complement each other and understand perfectly – the Monkey and the Snake get along well, can talk for hours on abstract topics and always respect their partner. Love relationships largely depend on what a man and a woman want from them. Conflicts do not arise at the first stage because of trifles, but over time, partners try to smooth them out as calmly as possible. Patience and thoughtfulness make the Snake understanding and accepting in relation to the Monkey. Such a union will lead to the spiritual growth and development of both the Snake and the Monkey.


The Monkey and the Horse do not always have a strong internal connection. All because they are different. The Monkey is enthusiastic and active, loves change, and the Horse is set to common sense, does not accept situations when everything does not go according to plan. These signs can be happy in marriage if they treat him the same way, see the partner as an ally and an understanding side. It is not easy for a horse to understand the Monkey, “tune in to its wave.” Long-term relationships are possible only with the full acceptance of the partner and the understanding that he should not be changed to suit your requirements.


In such an alliance, partners often turn out to be like-minded people – they like to spend time together, they understand each other’s jokes and share the philosophy of life. The Goat demands love, which the Monkey is not always ready to give her. Therefore, the responsibility for the longevity of the relationship lies on the shoulders of both. In general, the compatibility of the pair is average. These signs are similar to each other, but it happens that in love relationships Goats remain disappointed – they lack affection and love from Monkeys who are passionate about work or friends.


No one else understands the Monkey as well as the Monkey. The relationship of two identical signs is filled with trust, passion, energy and drive. They are never bored with each other, they want to learn and discover new things. High compatibility is based not only on similar character traits, but also on the ability to feel the mood of a partner – the Monkey understands what can please and what can upset a loved one. The only point is that in relationships there is often a place for manipulation and pretense. This is where the lack of trust comes from.

Rooster Monkey

Most often – a superficial union of two signs, where one listens or looks, and the other tries to portray something. The Rooster falls under the influence of the Monkey and does not know how to behave in such a situation. He admires the energy and playfulness of this sign, but has nothing to offer in return. It is very difficult for the Monkey and the Rooster to agree, they often compete with each other and do not understand each other. 


The dog is cut off from the real world – it has no idea how to cheat and deceive others. The monkey in this regard does not understand her at all, because cunning is one of the main features of her character. In such an alliance, the Monkey will be too bored, and the Dog will be anxious. The energy and temper of the Monkey pushes her to rash acts, leads her forward. When a partner does not understand this, it is difficult to build relationships on trust and acceptance. 

Monkey Pig

Of all the signs, only the Pig is able to curb the sharp and impetuous temperament of the Monkey. She is balanced and calm, in relationships she loves comfort and trust. From the Monkey, the Pig will never require an explanation, she does not need to completely immerse herself in a partner. Both personalities are strong, as is the attraction between them. Balance helps to achieve an understanding of the characteristics of each other. The Monkey is externally and internally energetic, and the Pig does not like haste, she likes calmness.  

Monkey by zodiac sign

Aries Monkey

Restless Aries-Monkeys do not tolerate loneliness well – they definitely need a good company. Activity and the desire to be in the spotlight often brings the Monkey-Aries to the stage. It can be performances as an expert or a game in the theater. By the way, a person of this sign has a penchant for creativity and self-expression in different areas of life. Monkey-Aries knows how to maintain a balance in all areas, does not sacrifice his family for the sake of work and vice versa. Such people are emotional, assertive and know exactly what they want.

Monkey Taurus

The Taurus Monkey has no desire to waste time, he loves adventure, trying new things and accepting challenges from fate. He does not like the fuss, the Taurus Monkey for calmness and measuredness. A prudent person pays attention to the people around him and tries to keep strangers away from him. He gets along well with others and is always happy to help if asked. The main feature of the Monkey-Taurus is equanimity, it is almost impossible to piss a person off.

Monkey Gemini

Like the Aries Monkey, the Gemini Monkey loves excitement and cannot sit still. She wants to try new things and bring her positive to the world. The latter cannot be taken away from them – the Gemini Monkeys are grateful for their lives and look at the world with joy. They like to spend time in the company of others, but at the same time, representatives of the sign are fickle. So the Gemini Monkey may disappear for a while and not report it, a person also has a tendency to constantly change his occupation. 

Cancer Monkey

Cancer-Monkey is often called a big child. A person born under these two signs is characterized by kindness, naivety, sincerity. Sometimes it seems that he does not want to grow up. At the same time, Cancer-Monkey is developed emotionally and intellectually – he can calmly support a conversation on any topic, always tries to help people and is very empathetic towards them. The representative of the signs respects their personal boundaries and sometimes wants to be alone in order to restore energy.

monkey lion

Monkey-Lion’s eyes burn, he is interested in everything and does not stop there. Such a person wants everything at once, and he is also prone to generosity, which knows no bounds. Monkey-Lion is not just a strong-willed person, but a real sage who does not require anything in return. He enjoys just being himself and making history.

Monkey Virgo

The main difference between the Monkey-Virgo is a multifaceted character. He is characterized by both responsibility and the ability to be weak, eccentric and calm. Monkey-Virgo knows how and loves to surprise others, besides, a person born under these signs loves to communicate and cannot live without it. Monkey-Virgo wants to be loved and love in return – sincerity on the part of a person is not always perceived correctly. For its part, the Monkey-Virgo often suffers for no reason and dramatizes the events too much.

Monkey Libra

Monkey-Libra is not used to sitting in one place – she wants to know herself and this world. Such people are greedy for adventure, no one and nothing will stop them. Therefore, Monkey-Libra is prone to unjustified risk and often gets into problem situations, from which it is not so easy to find a way out. At the same time, Monkey-Libra does not lose optimism and understands that a bad day is not a bad life.

Monkey Scorpio

An ambitious person who aspires to the top of the pedestal. Before him there are always planned goals that need to be achieved in any way. Monkey-Scorpio loves intrigue, and also uses flattery and cunning for his own purposes. The combination of these two signs leads to unpredictability and impulsiveness. Although the Monkey-Scorpio is prone to risk, she always manages to calculate the moves and turn the situation in her favor. 

Monkey Sagittarius

The independent Sagittarius Monkey does not need advice and knows how to figure things out on his own. She has an inexhaustible flow of energy, optimism and self-confidence. This set makes a person the soul of the company, he is open to new things and loves communication. Monkey-Sagittarius loves attention, but does not waste his time in vain, knows the price of every minute.

Capricorn Monkey

Capricorns, like Cancers, are self-contained. The combination of two opposites gives a person the opportunity to express himself, but at the same time remain true to the principles. Monkey-Capricorn does not like fuss, does everything carefully and clearly, following the plan. These are joyful people who are characterized by logical thinking and changeability in mood.


Monkey-Pisces is resourceful and knows that there is a way out of any situation. She does not always show her emotions and feelings, because she understands that people can use it for their own benefit. The Monkey-Pisces combines the ability to make informed decisions and, at times, excessive impulsiveness. Representatives of the two signs always win and know how to use their shyness and shyness for the benefit.

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Monkey

The monkey loves to be in the know, she likes recognition and communication. Also, representatives of the sign are distinguished by a craving for popularity, publicity. Celebrities born in the year of the Monkey include Jack London, Naomi Watts, Celine Dion, Anton Chekhov, Will Smith, Faina Ranevskaya, Michael Schumacher, Gianni Rodari, Ray Bradbury and Vladislav Listyev. 

Popular questions and answers 

About what brings luck to the Monkey, what significant historical events took place in the year of the Monkey and when the next year will be under this sign, she told Elena Demidova, certified astrologer, Feng Shui master.

When is the next Year of the Monkey?

The Year of the Earth Monkey will begin in 2028. The thoughts of the Earth Monkey are deep, it is collected and straightforward. This year should not bring with it shocks, but changes will come and you need to learn how to adapt to them. 

What significant historical events took place in the Year of the Monkey?

– The past years of the Monkey – 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016. The most significant events in the year of the Monkey occur in February, May and August, these months are the turning points of the year. Most often, these periods are provoked by natural fires or car / air accidents, since the Monkey always carries the destructive energy of Fire. There may also be some kind of protests or riots, since during this period people easily “flare up” emotionally and any idea can ignite a revolt in the minds of people. For example, in 1968 there was a social crisis in France, and in 1980 there was the Olympic Games in Moscow.

Most often, during such periods, cardiovascular diseases are exacerbated, especially in the period of August there may be more heart attacks and strokes. 

What brings luck to the Monkey?

– The monkey cannot sit still, it needs movement. Realization of potential comes only through travel and movement. Good luck comes to those who come up with any new non-standard solutions. Creativity and innovation are the basis for a successful year. Decisions cannot be postponed in such a year; quick and spontaneous actions are more successful than long discussions and thinking about the situation. 

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