Year of the Rooster


In China, a rooster is a real harbinger of good. Together with an expert, we will reveal the features of this sign in the Chinese horoscope

Roosters were born in the following years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017.

The Chinese are used to believing that the cock drives away evil spirits of darkness with its cry. He represents light and hope. The representative of this sign of the Chinese horoscope is distinguished by quick wits, perseverance and a cordial disposition of character. The Rooster does not tend to retreat, he likes to be the first and guide others. 

In the article, look for a description of the year of the Rooster – compatibility with other signs, traits inherent in women and male Roosters, how people born this year differ.

What does the Rooster symbolize in the Chinese horoscope? 

Roosters in the Chinese zodiac are associated with morning light and the energy of the sun. This sign is strong, self-confident, with hope for the best and the ability to go forward no matter what. Roosters tend to rush into battle over and over again – they are warlike and even enjoy the fight. Very rarely are they satisfied with themselves and love flattery.

  • Personality type: administrator 
  • Strengths: self-confidence, perseverance, responsibility
  • Weaknesses: vanity, boastfulness
  • Best Compatibility: Rat, Dragon, Monkey
  • Talisman stone: agate, amethyst, ruby 
  • Colors (shades): yellow, gold
  • Flowers: gladiolus, palm, orange tree
  • Lucky number: 5, 7, 8

What years are in the Year of the Rooster

The character of a person depends on the year in which he was born. 2017 was the year of the Fire Rooster. Representatives of this sign are bright personalities who do not tolerate delay. The Water Rooster is more calm, but hardworking and self-confident.

January 26, 1933 – February 13, 1934Water Rooster
February 13, 1945 – February 1, 1946Wood Rooster
January 31, 1957 – February 17, 1958Fire rooster
February 17, 1969 – February 5, 1970Earth Rooster
February 5, 1981 – January 24, 1982Metal Rooster 
January 23, 1993 – February 9, 1994Water Rooster
February 9, 2005 – January 28, 2006Wood Rooster
January 28, 2017 – February 15, 2018Fire rooster
February 13, 2029 – February 2, 2030Earth Rooster  

The next Year of the Rooster will be in 2029 – the Earth Rooster is reasonable and calmer than others. But there will still be changes this year.

What Roosters are

Fire rooster

The Fire Rooster is a born leader. He likes to fight for justice, look for the guilty and achieve what he wants at any cost. It is not always possible in this struggle to pay attention to the feelings of others. The influence of the element of Fire makes the Rooster an even more colorful and vibrant person, endowing him with inexplicable energy. The reverse side of the coin is excessive nervousness and irascibility. Also, Fire Roosters are not used to making mistakes, they love idealism in everything.

Strengths: organization, energy, diligence. Weak sides: imperiousness, nervousness, irascibility.

Water Rooster 

The Water Rooster has its own sources of inspiration, most often it is culture and art. A person born under this sign is characterized by generosity, a sense of humor. He has a desire to help others, he is not as critical and pragmatic as other Roosters. Water gives the Rooster strength that can lead a large number of people. He should take a closer look at the position of a speaker, coach, but do not forget that controlling the flow of thoughts is an important matter.

StrengthsKeywords: generosity, self-respect, intellectuality. Weak sides: fussiness, sharpness, detachment.

Earth Rooster 

The Earth Rooster is prone to analysis, prefers to think first, and only then do. He loves to work very much, but he doesn’t quite know how to relax – hence the burnout and unwillingness to change something in his life. The element of the Soil gives the Rooster additional accuracy and the ability to concentrate on the important. He is not afraid to take responsibility, make decisions and do everything to succeed.

Strengths: insight, loyalty, perseverance. Weak sides: exactingness, criticality, immunity. 

Wood Rooster 

Like the Earth Rooster, he loves to work and partly sees this as the meaning of his life. The Wood Rooster is self-confident, knows how to find a common language with people, and also does not like the soul in his family. Sometimes it can be difficult for a person to be torn between work and family, internal conflict can lead to health problems. That is why it is important for the Wood Rooster to understand for himself what exactly to put in the first place. A person born under this sign is also characterized by concern for others and for the public good.

Strengths: honesty, pride, enthusiasm. Weak sides: criticality, impatience, exactingness.

Metallic or Golden Rooster 

Practical and precise, the Metal Rooster rarely gives himself the opportunity to rest a little. It seems to him that time is running at a merciless speed, but he does not have time to do anything. The Golden Rooster is a strong personality, able to lead others and be a helper. Like the Wood Rooster, he wants to change the world, and he does the right thing by always starting with himself. The main danger is to get lost in the flow of things and not notice how the best years of life have passed.

Strengths: disinterestedness, complaisance, perseverance. Weak sides: selfishness, criticality, sharpness.

Characteristics of the male Rooster

The Rooster man loves to give out commands and watch everyone follow them. He is assertive, knows his own worth and will never allow himself to be controlled. Such a person easily manages to build a career and move up the career ladder. Despite the fact that outwardly the Rooster Man seems invulnerable and self-sufficient, support, love and care are important for him.  

Characteristics of the Rooster Woman

Like the Rooster Man, a woman born under this sign sees no barriers in front of her and always goes to the end. She is confident in her abilities and knows what she wants. The Rooster woman is insightful and quick-witted, intellectually developed and sociable. In love relationships with other signs, he most often acts as a dominant one, is not afraid to express dissatisfaction and is always happy to help his neighbor.

Child born in the year of the Rooster

The Rooster has a distinctive quality – assertiveness. In China, the bird is considered a fighting bird, capable of fighting to the last. Such is the child born in the year of the Rooster. He is not afraid of anything, he is not afraid to take the first step, he can always stand up for himself. By nature, Rooster children are individualists – they can play alone, come up with different activities for themselves. But at the same time they like to interact with their peers. Already at an early age, the baby may encounter a problem in communicating with friends, because he is characterized by dominance.  

Rooster in different areas of life

Due to the tendency to spend free time solving work issues, the Rooster plunges into this area of ​​​​life too much. He likes to make the world a better place and help others, but sometimes he forgets about himself. Roosters are good family men and friends, they know how to support and are always ready to help. They like to develop diversified and not be afraid to be themselves. Throughout life, Roosters go through many ups and downs, but this is what makes their life rich and really interesting.

Rooster in love and marriage  

The rooster likes to be the object of adoration, while the representative of the sign himself knows how to love and understands how important it is for him. This is a passionate person who is trying in every possible way to get attention from her partner. The only thing is that the Rooster enjoys the process of fighting for a loved one, it gives him pleasure to win the attention of a future partner. But when the goal is achieved, interest in the person who caused such quivering feelings disappears sharply. It is not so easy for a rooster to maintain long-term relationships, and in marriage, he often limits the freedom of a partner. It is important for loved ones to communicate with each other and ask about what exactly is bothering them. Only in this way can life with a Rooster in marriage be long and calm.

Rooster in friendship

Having a real friendly relationship with the Rooster is not so easy. He does not like criticism, although he himself enjoys when he criticizes. Sometimes the Rooster is too harsh in his expressions and often gives advice for no reason. But on the other hand, he is ready for anything for the sake of his close friends. In difficult life situations, friends of the Rooster can count on full support and a sincere desire to help on his part.

Rooster in work and career

Roosters like to achieve their goals – he enjoys when he gets everything that is planned. Representatives of this sign of the Chinese horoscope truly love work and are ready to work for the benefit of society. They have both a sense of beauty, which is why Roosters make great designers, architects, make-up artists and stylists, as well as accuracy, clarity, consistency – such employees are welcome in the field of sales, IT, digital. 

Rooster and health 

Roosters have good health – they recover quickly if they get sick, and rarely suffer from serious diseases. The Rooster’s immunity is strong, and the ability to cope with viruses is even stronger. The only thing that can undermine health is nervous strain associated with work. Roosters are still stressed and sensitive when it comes to the psychological side of the issue.

Rooster compatibility with other signs


It is not so easy for these two signs to reach an understanding – you constantly have to look for compromises. There is not enough depth in the relationship between the Rooster and the Rat, they are afraid to open up and cannot do anything about it. If you still manage to find a common language, then it is quite difficult to be in a long relationship. The Rooster and the Rat are two opposites that are attracted to each other. If the Rat is close to systematic, then the Rooster is more prone to spontaneity. The two signs are very close to the desire to change the world, to know it, to do something useful.


Such a union can be called strong – the Rooster and the Ox have high compatibility, they understand each other perfectly. Most often, the Bull dominates the pair, but does not press on the Rooster. The latter is not afraid to compromise and always trusts the Bull, even in the most insignificant matters. Both signs are not accustomed to wasting money on fleeting romances, they appreciate love and are ready to give everything they have to their partner.


The Tiger often relies only on its own desires and is sometimes selfish towards the Rooster. What the latter is not particularly satisfied with. The signs have an average compatibility – they do not always accept each other. But if the Rooster and the Tiger strive for a common goal, it is much easier for them. In such a pair, the Tiger is often silent and hides his feelings, the Rooster is the opposite. Therefore, there are misunderstandings and quarrels.


It is difficult for the soft and fluffy Rabbit to understand why the Rooster makes mistakes so often and is not afraid to be impulsive. Misunderstanding also reigns in the couple – partners cannot find an approach to each other, sometimes they cross personal boundaries. The difference in character, temperament, philosophy of life makes the union of the Rooster and the Rabbit weak. If two people build relationships, they do it most often out of a sense of duty or benefit.

Rooster Dragon

The Dragon, like the Rooster, loves to be the center of attention, he enjoys the time spent in a noisy company. Both signs are prone to workaholism, see no obstacles in front of them and know exactly what they want. They understand and accept each other, and also protect the partner and help him in every possible way. The constant desire of the Rooster to please others can interfere with the union of two hearts. The dragon often perceives this as hypocrisy and asks the partner to be more free, to be himself.


The signs have completely different characters, but they complement each other and can form a strong pair. The snake is reasonable, calm, balanced, while the Rooster is quick-tempered, loves eccentricity and brightness. Despite the desire to work hard and hard, the Rooster and the Snake put the family in the first place in their union. This pair will definitely achieve the desired heights and show what each of them is worth. 


The average compatibility of two signs does not allow them to fully enjoy each other. The horse is prone to stubbornness, likes to stand his ground. The rooster remains patient and understands that he can do nothing with the nature of the partner. Between the Rooster and the Horse, attraction can sharply arise. They themselves do not always understand how it turns out that love has taken possession of them so much. The danger is that the desire to be close to the person you like can also disappear abruptly, as it arose.


Although the Rooster and the Goat are completely different, this does not prevent them from building relationships. Of course, at first it is difficult to accept the character traits of your partner. But over time, they get used to each other and form a strong alliance. The Goat does not always act according to the plan that the Rooster came up with. His decisions can change in a second, and it’s not always possible to inform a loved one. In a couple, it is important to make concessions and talk a lot with a partner.

Rooster Monkey

The cunning of the Monkey plays into her hands in this union. She perfectly complements the Rooster, who at the moment cannot figure out how to act in a particular situation. Both the Monkey and the Rooster are prone to impulsiveness. That’s just the Rooster knows how to admit his mistakes, and the Monkey – not always. She can argue to the last, afraid to leave the Rooster alone with her thoughts. Despite frequent quarrels and jealousy, the characters of these two signs are similar – they can be happy in a couple.

Rooster Rooster

Although the Rooster and the Rooster, it would seem, should understand their partner, this rarely happens. There are too many conflicts and quarrels in a couple, a man and a woman do not make concessions and often break down over trifles. They are not ready to change for the sake of another and believe that it is easier to change a partner than to prove something to him. Two people born under the same sign have low compatibility. Theoretically, they can be together, but such a union requires nerves of steel from both.


The Dog and the Rooster often agree on only one thing – both signs simply love criticism. Only the Dog, in addition to harsh words, wants to change the freedom-loving Rooster. He does not like this, in response, the Rooster shows discontent. Representatives of the two signs can find a common language on the basis of an innate sense of justice. Together they can do good deeds, but it is rare to build relationships.

Rooster Pig

The union is usually based on a common intelligence and the ability to support each other. The Pig does not succumb to the provocations of the Rooster and accepts his obstinacy, and the Rooster appreciates the kindness and calmness of his partner. Representatives of these signs perfectly understand each other, it is easy for them to make concessions and do anything for a loved one. Care and respect are always appreciated, and most importantly, both partners trust each other.

Rooster by zodiac sign

Rooster Aries

Life for Aries-Rooster is a constant struggle, which is accompanied by fierce fights for justice. Such a person likes to defend his opinion, is not afraid of change, manifests himself in all possible and impossible ways. According to the combined horoscope, this sign knows exactly what he wants, he is unpredictable and eccentric. Aries-Roosters are charming, love attention and communication.


It is not always easy for Taurus to make contact with others, he usually stands his ground and sometimes withdraws into himself. The sign of the Rooster gives him extra courage and Taurus ceases to be so stubborn. A person can be described as persistent, calm, purposeful. It is important for him to take part in active events and help others. An important role in the life of the Rooster-Taurus is played by the family.


Inconstancy is one of the main features inherent in the Gemini Rooster. Representatives of these signs are slightly careless, artistic and free. They rarely pay attention to the opinions of others and most often do not know what they want from life. The Gemini Rooster either does not know how to calculate steps, or simply chooses such tactics. He likes to live that way, and the constantly changing mood is another reason to find a new hobby or move to another city.

Rooster Cancer

Cancer is sensitive, does not like criticism. And the Rooster is also not able to endure it. The union of two signs makes a person absolutely intolerant of criticism. He literally cannot stand it when they make comments to him, but he knows how to get along well with others. Cancer helps to soften the ardent ardor of the Rooster, so a person has a tendency to self-sacrifice, there is a lot of strength and perseverance in him.  

Rooster Lion

The Rooster-Leo is used to leading others, and he is good at doing it. He has such qualities as confidence, briskness, sincere generosity. In a difficult situation, the Rooster-Leo will always come to the rescue and will not ask for anything in return. It is important for him that there are loving people nearby, and the business of life brings a good income.


The Rooster-Virgo has a highly developed intellect. The combination of two signs makes a person more tolerant, respectful of the opinions of others, cheerful and charming. He loves to talk, but he also knows how to listen. The curious Rooster, in alliance with the no less curious Virgo, always strives for knowledge and continues to learn even in adulthood. The sign definitely needs close people nearby and does not tolerate lies.

Rooster Libra

Eloquence and politeness distinguish the Rooster-Libra. The representative of the two signs is not upset over trifles and understands how important it is in life to be able to look at everything from a positive point of view. Rooster-Libra tries to impress others, gets incredible pleasure from communication. People of this combination are always faithful, undemanding and kind. They are ready to help others, to do everything for loved ones.

Rooster Scorpio

The Scorpio Rooster has a desire to guide others on the true path. They tend to be strong personalities who never show their weaknesses. The Rooster-Scorpio will make a good boss, a leader who leads everyone along. He can also be called a persistent fighter who does not stop at obstacles and believes in people. If you want to turn to such a person for help, do not worry – he will definitely help you.

Rooster Sagittarius

Loneliness and monotony makes the Sagittarius Rooster sad and sad. New impressions, emotions, drive are important to him. Rooster-Sagittarius is used to traveling, meeting people and learning new things. He does not want to offend anyone, but at the same time he is always straightforward. The fact is that a person does not see the need to hide something – a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.


Rooster-Capricorn is a decent and wayward person. He loves when everything is done according to the rules, when there are goals and a specific plan of action. We can say that the Rooster-Capricorn is to some extent a role model. He is characterized by steadfastness, calmness, measuredness, confidence, responsibility and perseverance. A person does not have a goal to please others, he is happy to help when he can do it and believes that life is a series of white and black stripes.


Communication is the main source of energy for the Rooster-Pisces. The combination of two signs gives a person self-confidence and the ability to sympathize with others. In addition, the Rooster-Fish is perceptive and has a rich imagination. That is why everything related to creativity and art is given to him so easily. Such people can be both creators and creators.

Celebrities born in the Year of the Rooster

A person born in the year of the Rooster faces unexpected twists and turns throughout life. But even when everything develops not in his favor, he does not give up and adheres to a positive point of view. Of the famous Petukhov people, the following personalities can be distinguished: Boris Strugatsky, Boris Rotenberg, Catherine II, Andre Morua, Serena Williams, James Fenimore Cooper, Yuri Nikulin, Confucius, Yuri Antonov, Britney Spears, Tom Hiddleston, Edward Norton, Roman Shirokov, Alexander Rogov, James Brown.

Popular questions and answers 

When will the next year of the Rooster, and what will bring him good luck, told Elena Demidova, certified astrologer, Feng Shui master.

When is the next Year of the Rooster?

– 2029 is the year of the Earth Rooster. Everything is expected to be stable this year, but conflicts still cannot be avoided. Because the Rooster is the Rooster. It is important for this bird to prove himself and fight for justice.

What historical events took place in the Year of the Rooster?

– The events of world history confirm that the Rooster is quick-tempered, loves to fight and win. In 1945 there was a victory in the Great Patriotic War, and in 1789 the Great French Revolution. 1825 is also the year of the Rooster, and, as we know, in this year there was an uprising of the Decembrists. The rooster loves not only fights, but also discoveries. In 1957, the first artificial Earth satellite was launched from the Baikonur station, and in 1861, the German inventor Philipp Reis demonstrated his invention, the telephone, for the first time.

What brings good luck to the Rooster?

– Ability to present yourself. You can’t sit in the shadows, you need to perform on the stage of life, show yourself to your superiors more often so that they see your merits and then reward you with a bonus or promotion. Publicity is one of the criteria for success. Do you want to achieve fame? This means that you need to “shine” on social networks more often, conduct live broadcasts, actively maintain your social pages, leave comments more often on any topic if you have something to say. This is the heyday of the hate, but it is also the key to success – the stronger the provocation, the greater your success. Scandals are also a success factor. It is in the year of the Rooster that most often there are pre-planned public scandals, especially among politicians and show business.

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