With a” Soft sign ” it is warmer: we arrange a warming tea party


Returning home from a dank street, I want to get warm as soon as possible. The easiest and most pleasant way to do this is to brew a fragrant strong tea. Sitting at the table, you can come up with an interesting story or even a composition, and at the same time make original photos. Post them on your personal page in social networks so that your friends can smile once again. We fantasize about this topic together with the brand “Soft Sign”.

Step 1: Waiting for guests

Let’s not be too clever with the serving for a tea party. The usual wooden coating of dark brown color with light light scuffs is quite suitable for the main background. Put a folded light tablecloth with the image of delicate spring flowers and a canvas cloth on the table, as if guests are about to come and you will begin to set the table. Throw a few rams on the tablecloth — this will add animation to the composition. Next to it, put a small vase with a generous scattering of lamb. Drinking pleasantly warming tea in a sincere company, appetizing crunching this delicacy, gives great pleasure.

Step 2: Remembering traditions

Where there are steering wheels, there is always a place for bagels. For fun, thread them on a strong coarse thread and tie a knot. Exactly such weighty bundles were hung on samovars in the old days, according to custom, when they arranged a tea party. Another good home tradition from the past is to arrange paper napkins in glasses, like flower buds. Why not remember her, too? In addition, you can make original substrates for cups from napkins. Take a square paper napkin, cut out a circle from it and go through the entire edge with scissors, making a short fringe.

Step 3: Sweet Moments

Now it’s time to start the tea party itself. Put round napkins with fringe on the table, put cups and saucers on them and fill them with freshly brewed tea. Two-layer napkins “Soft sign” are exactly what you need. Pleasant to the touch paper with a beautiful texture will add sophistication to the composition. Put a bagel or a few dried autumn berries on each saucer, and place vases with homemade jam — amber apricot and ruby cherry between them. A jar of transparent golden lime honey and a lemon cut in half will also look the best here.

A warm, sincere tea party is a great occasion to invite good old friends to visit and spend time in pleasant memories. The “Soft Sign”brand will help you tune in to the right mood.

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