Updating the interior: original solutions for the kitchen in a classic style


New fashion styles come and go, but the classics remain forever. The harmonious combination of nobility, restraint and elegance cannot be surpassed. The classics do not become obsolete, because they continue to live, preserving unshakable traditions and developing them in a new version. That is why many housewives prefer classic-style kitchens. The most relevant ideas are collected in the corporate line of the brand “Kitchen furniture Workshop” We Eat at Home!””.

Purely American history

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The Denver kitchen is an American classic. The unity of style is maintained here due to strict laconic silhouettes and a calm color scheme. The facades are presented in three different variations: white, brown and green. The natural palette is a kind of reference to the shady green alleys and snow-white peaks of the quiet cozy town of Denver. This turns the kitchen into a small island of peace and tranquility.

The main highlight of the kitchen is an organic combination of facades made of durable solid ash and matt coating. This not only looks spectacular from any angle, but also gives the space depth. Milling in the form of stripes focuses attention on silhouettes, emphasizing elegance, restraint and originality.

Another feature of the classic-style kitchen is the thoughtfulness of the location of the main segments. The compact hob is adjacent to the work surface and the sink. Therefore, you can prepare lunch or dinner for the whole family almost without going beyond this area. At the same time, the oven is placed in a separate area. This greatly simplifies the preparation of several dishes. For example, while you are cooking soup, you can simultaneously bake meat or do homemade baking. At the same time, you will not be disturbed by foreign kitchen utensils or a mountain of used dishes.

The blades, sliders, ladles that you use most often can be placed on suspended rails. At the right time, they will always be at hand and you will not have to search for them in the drawers for a long time. The space under the hanging cabinets is divided into compact sections. A teapot, a saucepan, cutting boards or cookbooks will perfectly fit here.

In the kingdom of eternal summer

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The kitchen set “Lorenza” is an Italian version of the kitchen design in a classic style. It gives rise to associations with eternal summer and the picturesque coastal landscapes of Italy, where you can forget about everything in the world.

The design skillfully uses patina, that is, a special coating applied in a special way, which creates a sense of furniture with a long history. Thanks to this technique, any color solution looks especially impressive. Here it is presented in two types: muted beige with a nutty patina and rich walnut with a black patina. Both of them radiate an extraordinary warmth and are imbued with a sense of idyll.

The facades made of solid ash are made with a special artistic idea. Some of them are completely closed, some are complemented by frosted stained glass windows or lattices that echo the main color scheme. Such a finding also serves practical purposes. Behind the frosted glass, you can place beautiful dishes, and put kitchen equipment or cans with bulk products in closed cabinets.

The cooking surface and the oven are inscribed with incredible accuracy in the space between the working area and the free surface. This once again emphasizes the smoothness of the lines and impeccable geometry. Vertical cabinets with conveniently swinging doors are spacious and practical. And the extreme side cabinet is located at an angle, which allows you to save a little space. The configuration of the headset is also distinguished by its thoughtfulness and convenience. This opens up a lot of free space, which easily accommodates a dining area for a large family.

Under the gentle sun of Sicily

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Another unsurpassed example of the design of a kitchen in a classic style is the kitchen set “Sicily”. In every detail, you can feel the attractive color of the sunny island, a genuine paradise in the south of Italy.

And first of all, it is guessed in a rich color scheme. It is represented by color solutions for every taste, from delicate antique vanilla with a nutty patina to deep Goa oak with a black patina. The patina is played here in a special way. Its color can be green, blue, silver or gold. All this allows you to give the classic style expressive features.

Household appliances in the kitchen in a classic style should not be conspicuous in any case. And here the designers found a very convincing and original solution. The hood, subtly stylized as a kitchen set, is an organic continuation of it. The cooking surface is integrated with the working area. And the oven is skillfully disguised between the cabinets.

Along with closed drawers, there are shelves with frosted stained-glass windows decorated with laconic patterns. A remarkable detail of the headset is the open sections. They change the geometry of space and perform a very practical function. Here you can place basic kitchen utensils. And decorative dishes and accessories will look spectacular on the open shelves. Rails above the hob and near the sink facilitate the cooking process. So the most necessary inventory will always be at your fingertips.

The art of the old masters

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The interior of the kitchen in a classic style under the sonorous name “Bergamo Arte” is an example of the fact that design can be a work of art. The designers ‘ find here is an imitation of hand-painted wood. This is how it was customary to decorate furniture in the old days. In the modern version, artful floral patterns are applied to the facades of kitchen cabinets. This adds liveliness and bright colors to the interior.

Refined nobility is given to the design due to artificially aged facades. Imitation of dried wood, light scuffs, stylized brass cabinet handles, a whimsically curved mixer-all this fills the kitchen with a unique charm of antiquity. Even the oven here is designed in a vintage style. It is organically integrated into the niche between the kitchen cabinets and merges with the interior, leaving not even a hint of modern household appliances. Elegant columns, cornices and balustrade add a special chic to the design.

The practicality and functionality of the kitchen “Bergamo Art” is not inferior to the impeccable design. The angular location allows you to use every centimeter of space wisely. The arrangement of vertical and horizontal cabinets is designed in such a way that you can easily and quickly find everything you need. Along with hanging cabinets, the interior has open shelves where you can keep jars of spices or containers with bulk products.

Classic-style kitchens never lose their relevance. Designers of the furniture factory “Maria” and the kitchen from the exclusive line “Kitchen furniture Workshop” Eat at Home!””this is confirmed once again. Each project organically combines impeccable style and functionality thought out to the last detail. These are ready-made full-fledged solutions for any kitchens that will delight even the most demanding housewives.

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