“Soft Sign” connects hearts: a romantic dinner for two


A romantic dinner is a pleasure only for two. You can fantasize about this topic for an infinitely long time. The Soft Sign brand offers its own original ideas. You can repeat such a composition without difficulty, and if you want to add something of your own. Don’t forget to take photos and post them on your social media page. Let the sweet romantic fleur envelop everyone who sees them.

Step 1: Pink rules the ball

Romantic feelings can be easily conveyed with the help of pastel colors. Whatever shades you choose, soft pink will definitely be there. Add to it a seasoned light gray and quite a bit of white. These three colors are combined quite organically. Create bright juicy accents with the help of red rose petals, casually scattered everywhere. Of course, there is no way to do without hearts here. Let it be a snow-white porcelain mold in the form of a heart with chocolate candy hearts. A small pink candle in a glass candlestick will add warmth and comfort.

Step 2: From the bottom of my heart

What is a romantic date without a bouquet of flowers? It doesn’t make sense to invent anything new. Only roses presented to the second half from the deepest feelings can be more beautiful than roses. They will fit seamlessly into our composition. And snow-white hearts made of paper towels will also look spectacular here. Only for this you will have to refresh your memory of the skills of the art of origami. Complement each such heart with an airy gray feather with white speckles — it will become even more original and elegant. This will add lightness and mobility to the picture.

Step 3: Sweet dreams

What else is missing for a romantic dinner in a classic performance? Of course, a glass of good wine. Fill a small wooden box with rose petals and put two glasses of red wine in it. Fresh berries, especially blueberries and raspberries, are harmoniously combined with chocolate candies. Serve all these delicacies on a beautiful dish. You can also add one romantic touch to it. Take a paper towel “Soft Sign” Deluxe and carefully cut out a large heart from it, making a small fringe around the edges, and tie a bouquet of roses with a silk ribbon.

A romantic dinner is always an exciting and very pleasant event. Thanks to the “Soft Sign” brand, it will replenish the piggy bank of your happy moments for two.

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