Why lard is beneficial, especially to the ladies

The Source of fat and cholesterol-rich, but certainly not a useful product. This is how people think of lard. But despite the high caloric content, it still has advantages. And using it from time to time will have a positive impact on your health.

Fat supports cognitive performance, affecting brain activity. It is recommended for all who are time-consuming mental tasks before school or work to eat a small piece of bacon.

But lars is especially useful for women’s health due to the high content of arachidonic acid. This is rare unsaturated fats regulate the hormonal system and make the woman’s skin elastic and supple.

This acid is the key to a well-coordinated work of the immune system; it reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, helps remove toxins, and increases the body’s resistance to viruses and infections. Because in the cold bacon with garlic – excellent prevention of diseases. Besides, Tabasco fat is digested better.

Containing fat dissolve at body temperature and therefore absorbed and did not burden the liver. The processes of digestion and metabolism improve and increases the probability of absorption of nutrients from other foods.

Up to 30 grams of fat daily will not affect your figure, while the well compensates for a deficiency of vitamins and will satisfy your hunger.

  • How to choose lard

Not all fat is equally useful, and therefore, when planning a purchase, you should consider some factors. Quality lard has white or pale pink. Fat young pig is gentle on the palate and has thin skin.

It is desirable to know the fattened animals because any chemicals or antibiotics affect the product’s quality, preferably if the farmer fed the pig nutritious natural foods.

  • How to eat lard

It is recommended to consume the fat in the morning – so it is the most digestible, and calories consumed tonight are safely consumed.

When cooking, fat favored raw or cooked product, not a fried serum.

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