How to achieve your goals

5 Tips for Achieving Your Goals 1) Stuck – get unstuck Let’s face it – no one likes to put off important things until later. Yes, my God, yes, I just hate myself when I promise something and don’t do it! If you have this trait, just make a list of what you want to do and when. Set yourself a reminder on your phone, for example, that tomorrow at 9 am you want to do a little research that you need to create a new business. Or write down your plans on a whiteboard. Set yourself a time limit and stick to it. 2) Do not know where to start – write? Every Sunday, make a list of your goals for the next week. When you write it, you will immediately have ideas about what you need to achieve each goal. Even just the habit of writing down your tasks increases the chances of finding ways to solve them. 3) Create yourself a support group Your friends and family really want you to be successful. Tell them about your goals and ask them to remind you of them. Your support group will motivate you all the time, and you will easily be able to overcome all obstacles to achieve your goals. That’s what friends are for. Sometimes it’s just enough to know that they believe in you and hear nice words addressed to you. 4) Visualize your dreams and they will become reality Visualization helps a lot in this matter. Grab a few of your favorite magazines, flip through, find what you want, and make a collage. Buy the right frame and you will end up with a motivating piece of art. Don’t want to mess around with paper and glue? Then just search the Internet for pictures and quotes that inspire you. Be creative and create something that will motivate you to take one more step towards your goal every day. 5) Find yourself a mentor Do you have someone you admire? A person with whom communication makes you want to do something in order to get something more than you have? If this person inspires you, most likely, someone inspired him, and he, realizing the importance of having a mentor, shares the received wisdom with others. If you are stuck in one place and do not know what to do next, seek help from someone who has already walked this path and just follow his advice. Do it, do not give up, and you will succeed! Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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