How to become the master of your happiness

It has been known since ancient times that the diseases of our body have two components – physical and psychosomatic, the latter being the root cause of diseases. Various studies have been carried out on this topic, many psychologists and psychotherapists have defended dissertations on psychosomatics, but we still try in vain to cure diseases only with the help of official medicine, spending huge amounts of money on medicines. But what if you look deep into yourself? 

Have you ever thought that it is worth stopping for a minute and thinking about yourself, about your loved ones, comprehending every act and action? If you now say that there is no time for this, I will agree with you, but, with

this, I note that there is no time for what – for life? After all, our every step, action, feeling, thought is our life, otherwise, we live to get sick, and to get sick means to suffer! Each person can end their suffering by turning to the soul and mind, which turns “hell into heaven and heaven into hell.” Only our mind can make us unhappy, only ourselves, and no one else. And vice versa, only our positive attitude towards the process of life can make us happy, despite the events taking place around us. 

There is an opinion that people who are indifferent to any events in their and other people’s lives do not learn anything, and those who take everything to heart, on the contrary, learn to live, unfortunately, through their mistakes and suffering. Still, it is better to accept and draw a conclusion than not learn anything. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to judge the state of mind of a person in absentia, without knowing life and life circumstances. Each of you who read this article must have thought before: “Why did this disease happen to me?”. And such a question needs to be rephrased from the words “why” or “for what” to the phrase “for what”. To understand our physical and psychological causes of diseases, believe me, is not easy, but there is no better healer for us than ourselves. No one knows the patient’s state of mind better than he himself. By finding the cause of your suffering, you will certainly help yourself by 50%. You understand that even the most humane doctor cannot feel your pain – both physical and psychological.

“The soul of man is the greatest miracle of the world”, – Dante put it, and I think no one will argue with that. The task is to correctly understand and evaluate your state of mind. Of course, this is a huge work on oneself – to determine the presence of internal stresses, because “we are all slaves to the best that is inside of us, and the worst that is outside.” 

Experiencing all conflicts, stresses, our mistakes, we get hung up on them, we continue to experience everything again and again, sometimes not even realizing that these internal stresses go deeper and deeper into us and it’s harder to get rid of them later. Driving stress inside ourselves, we accumulate anger, indignation, despair, hatred, hopelessness and other negative feelings. We are all individuals, so someone tries to pour anger out on others, on their loved ones, and someone clamps stress in their souls so as not to worsen the current events. But, believe me, neither one nor the other is a cure. Having released his stresses outward with emotional outbursts, it only gets better for a while, because the person did not understand the main thing – why it was given to him by fate and the Lord. After all, as Belinsky argued: “Finding the cause of evil is almost the same as finding a cure for it.” And having found this “medicine”, you will no longer “get sick”, and when you meet again with this ailment, you will know exactly how to behave. You will no longer have stress, but there will be an understanding of life and its particular circumstances. Only before ourselves can we be truly honest and just.

Behind external bravado, people often do not show what is in their heart and soul, because in our modern society it is not customary to talk about emotional experiences, to show oneself weaker than others, because, like in the jungle, the strongest survive. Everyone is used to hiding their gentleness, sincerity, humanity, infantilism behind different masks, and in particular, behind masks of indifference and anger. Many do not disturb their souls with any kind of experiences, having long ago allowed their hearts to freeze. At the same time, only those around him will notice such rigor, but not himself. 

Many have forgotten what charity is or are ashamed to show it in public. Stress often arises from a discrepancy between what we say and what we desire consciously or subconsciously. In order to understand yourself, you need not only time, but also the opportunity for introspection, and in order to get rid of stress – it’s worth a try. 

Sukhomlinsky Vasily Alexandrovich, Honored Teacher of the Russian Language and Literature, argued that “A person is what he becomes, remaining alone with himself, and the true human essence is expressed in him when his actions are driven not by someone, but by his own conscience.” 

When fate gives obstacles, such as joint diseases, then there is time to think and reflect on what has been done and what needs to be done right. Any disease of the joints that arose for the first time is the first sign that you are acting at odds with your desires, conscience and soul. Diseases that have become chronic are already “screaming” that the moment of truth has been missed, and you are moving further and further away from the right decision towards stress, fear, anger and guilt. 

The feeling of guilt is also different for everyone: in front of relatives, in front of others or in front of oneself for not being able to do, to achieve what they wanted. Due to the fact that the physical and psychological states are always connected, our body immediately sends us signals that something is wrong. Remember a simple example, after a lot of stress due to a conflict, especially with loved ones who are more important to us than the external environment, our head often hurts, some even have a terrible migraine. Most often this comes from the fact that people have not been able to find out the truth that they were arguing about, they could not determine the cause of stress, or the person then thinks that there are disputes, which means there is no love.


Love is one of the most important feelings in our life. There are many varieties of love: the love of close people, the love between a man and a woman, the love of parents and children, love for the world around and love for life. Everyone wants to feel loved and needed. It is important to love not for something, but because this person is in your life. To love to make happy is more important than to make rich. Of course, the material side is currently an important part of our life, you just need to learn to be happy with what we have, what we were able to achieve, and not suffer for what we don’t have yet. Agree, it doesn’t matter if a person is poor or wealthy, thin or fat, short or tall, the main thing is that he is happy. More often than not, we do what is necessary and not what would make us happy. 

Speaking about the most common diseases, we can only find out the superficial part of the problem, and each of us explores its depth ourselves, analyzing and drawing conclusions. 

I want to draw your attention to the fact that blood pressure rises at the time of strong physical exertion, during emotional stress, during stress, and returns to normal after some time after the cessation of stress, the so-called stress on the heart. And hypertension is called a steady increase in pressure, which persists even in the absence of these loads. The root cause of hypertension is always severe stress. Stress impact on the body and on its nervous system is one of the main factors causing a persistent increase in blood pressure and hypertensive crises. And each person has his own stresses in life: someone has problems in his personal life, in his family and / or at work. Many patients underestimate the impact of negative emotions on their body. Therefore, everyone who deals with such a disease should evaluate and analyze a certain segment of his life associated with hypertension, and “cut out” from life what led the patient to this diagnosis. It is necessary to try to get rid of stress and fears. 

Very often, pressure surges cause fear, and, again, these fears are different for everyone: someone is afraid of losing their job and being left without a livelihood, someone is afraid of being left alone – without attention and love. Words about fatigue, insomnia, unwillingness to live – confirm a deep depression. This depression is not yesterday, but it was made up of many problems that you either did not have time to solve, or chose the wrong solutions, and the struggle in life did not lead to the desired results, that is, there is nothing you were striving for. And it accumulated like a snowball, which is currently difficult to destroy. 

But there is a desire to be mobile, a desire to prove that a person is worth something, a desire to prove one’s worth not only to others, but, most importantly, to oneself. However, there is no way to do this. It is difficult to stop emotionally reacting to ongoing events in life, we will not correct the characters of the people around us who are negative towards us, we need to try to change our reaction to the world. I will agree with you if you answer that it is difficult, but you can still try, not for someone else, but for yourself and your health. 

Voltaire said: “Think about how difficult it is to change yourself, and you will understand how insignificant your ability to change others is.” Believe me, it is. This is confirmed by the expression of the Russian writer, publicist and philosopher Rozanov Vasily Vasilyevich, who argued that “there is evil at home already because further – indifference.” You can ignore the evil that concerns you, and take for a miracle the good-natured attitude towards you on the part of other people. 

Of course, the decision in specific situations is yours, but we change relationships in the world around us, starting with ourselves. Fate gives us lessons that we must learn, learn to act correctly for ourselves, so the best thing is to change our attitude to current events, to approach decisions not from an emotional side, but from a rational one. Believe me, emotions in difficult situations obscure the truth of what is happening and a person who does everything on emotions cannot make the right, balanced decision, cannot see the real feelings of the person with whom he communicates or conflicts. 

The effect of stress on the body is really so detrimental that it can cause not only headaches, hypertension, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, but also the most intractable disease – cancer. Why now official medicine claims that cancer is not a fatal disease? It’s not just about medicines, all the most effective medicines have been invented, researched and successfully used. Returning to the question of the cure of any disease, it is important to know that the patient himself wants it. Half of the positive result is the desire to live and take responsibility for the treatment. 

Everyone who is faced with cancer should understand that the disease is given by fate to rethink their lives in order to understand what has been done wrong and what can be changed in the future. No one can change the past, but realizing the mistakes and drawing conclusions, you can change your thinking for the future life, and maybe ask for forgiveness while there is time for it.


A person with cancer must make a decision for himself: accept death or change his life. And to change exactly in accordance with your desires and dreams, you do not need to do what you do not accept. All your life you did what you could, some endured, suffered, kept feelings in yourself, squeezed your soul. Now life has given you the opportunity to live and enjoy life the way you want to. 

Listen and take a closer look at the world around you: how wonderful it is to be alive every day, to enjoy the sun and the clear sky above your head. At first glance, this may seem like childish stupidity, but you have nothing to lose if you lose your life! Therefore, the choice is only yours: find happiness and learn to be happy, despite the circumstances, love life, love people without demanding anything in return, or lose everything. Cancer occurs when a person has a lot of anger and hatred in his soul, and this anger is most often not cried out. Anger may not be towards a certain person, although this is not uncommon, but towards life, towards circumstances, towards oneself for something that did not work out, did not work out as desired. Many people try to change the circumstances of life, not realizing that they need to be considered and try to accept them. 

You may have lost the meaning of life, once you knew for what or for whom you live, but at the moment this is not. Few of us can immediately answer the question: “What is the meaning of life?” or “What is the meaning of your life?”. Perhaps in the family, in children, in parents … Or maybe the meaning of life is in life itself ?! No matter what happens, you need to live. 

Try to prove to yourself that you are stronger than failures, problems and illnesses. In order to cope with depression, you need to occupy yourself with any activity that you like. The English writer Bernard Shaw said: “I am happy because I have no time to think that I am unhappy.” Dedicate most of your free time to your hobby, and you will not have time for depression! 

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