Dream of parting with a guy – meaning

If you dream of parting with a guy, then such a dream does not necessarily reflect what is happening in your couple, but rather what is happening in your soul.

The dream in which you break up with a guy is not yet a nightmare, but waking up from him is unpleasant. Intuition does not deceive: such a dream really makes you think. In order not to invent too much, let’s turn to dream books for meaning.

If you dream of parting with a guy, then such a dream does not necessarily reflect what is happening in your couple, but rather what is happening in your soul. Would you like to know more about the meaning of such a dream and how it relates to what is happening in your life right now? Check out nine explanations from various dream experts.

In general, dreams associated with separation do not bring anything good. Parting with a guy is a harbinger of a very difficult period in life. Plans, including joint ones, will collapse, and from the fact that everything goes wrong, you can become depressed. If at the last moment the separation did not take place, then this also predicts difficult problems, but you will have the strength and patience to cope with them. The reason to carefully look at your surroundings is a dream in which your girlfriend is the reason for breaking up with a guy.

It is possible that in life there is an envious woman who is trying to destroy your couple. If you realize that such a woman really exists, do not panic and do not be nervous, and even more so do not give yourself away – just protect yourself from communicating with her, as the great Bulgarian soothsayer recommended.

Why dream of parting and betraying a guy according to Miller’s dream book? The psychologist, oddly enough, considered such a dream a good sign. If in a dream you break up with a guy, then in real life you will find success in love and a very tender, sensual relationship. If you, shedding tears, broke up with an imaginary guy who, in fact, does not exist, then an interesting acquaintance awaits you, which will happen in the near future.

If the breakup with the guy happened despite the fact that in fact everything is perfect in the relationship, such a dream, according to Miller, is also good, namely, a long and happy life together as a couple. Moreover, the more stormy the gap was, the more harmonious the relationship will become in life. If the relationship in a dream was broken without any regret, then you should not rejoice. In a dream, this will bring relief, but in reality, minor setbacks are coming, both in personal life and at work.

Sigmund Freud believed that breaking up with a guy is not a dream because you miss him. And to remind you of the wonderful accompanying feelings that you feel in a relationship: about excitement, excitement, butterflies in your stomach, the desire to always be together. The drama in a dream is trying to awaken these feelings, and therefore parting with a guy will be a dream when, for example, your current relationship has lost its former passion, or when you have sat up alone. This is how the subconscious mind reminds you that it can feel and gently nudges you to find someone who can help bring back those emotions or do something to recharge an existing relationship.

In the dream book of psychologist Loff, a dream about a guy who breaks up with a girl is interpreted in a negative way. The psychologist points to the painful feeling of jealousy and possessiveness that manifests itself in such a dream. If a girl dreamed that she broke up with a guy and was looking for him again, then in real life there could also be a breakup.

Seeing an ex-boyfriend in a dream is a threat to an existing relationship. But not everything is so gloomy, there are also positive interpretations according to Loff’s dream book. If your ex-boyfriend is planning a wedding with another girl or cheating with her – to a strong and lasting relationship. Quarrel with a loved one – to reconcile with him after the conflict.

Why else dream of breaking up with your beloved guy? french soothsayer Nostradamus believed that dreams about the separation of a guy and a girl are positive. If the sleeping woman sees in a dream her boyfriend who kisses a stranger, then cardinal changes for the better will soon occur. Life will be painted with new colors and filled with pleasant events.

According to Evgeniya Tsvetkova, breaking up with a guy is never a dream just like that. Here are the meanings that the forecaster gives: kissing an ex-boyfriend – to a pleasant surprise, seeing that a loved one is dancing with another lady after breaking up – problems and serious trials will appear in life. To quarrel and finally part with the guy – in reality, the relationship will become cold and gradually come to naught.

Esotericists also interpret the dream of parting in a positive way. Parting with a guy – to a new acquaintance or strengthening old ties. An overly emotional separation from a man portends a lot of minor troubles in everyday life. If you break abruptly in a dream with a guy, this is a sign of future success in love and business. If you dream that you are parting as enemies – to success in love and commercial affairs. In other words, a break means something new and positive.

Such an extremely unpleasant situation in a dream in reality has the opposite meaning: betrayal means that sadness and longing will leave your life for many years. Rejoice that a productive and happy stage awaits you soon, which will last for several years.

If you were thrown a note about treason, and after that you broke up with a guy, then some woman, voluntarily or involuntarily, can provoke a scandal with your soulmate.

If you broke up after infidelity, and saw in a dream traces of lipstick on your lover’s shirt, then there is a need to talk with him and share your feelings. The main thing is to do it calmly and politely, if you do not want a scandal up to parting.

In a dream, you broke up, and everything went smoothly, but did the unpleasant aftertaste remain? This portends the emergence of problems, the solution of which will take a lot of time and effort. In which area is it worth waiting for failures? You can’t know with certainty, but preparing to overcome them is recommended in all areas of life.

The breakup happened, supposedly you found out about the guy’s infidelity? To the emergence of doubts about his decency in reality.

If the young man himself initiated the breakup, then you should not worry. The dream indicates that very soon your couple will find complete harmony in the relationship.

If, when breaking up with a guy, you beg him not to leave on his knees? Such a dream speaks of the softness of your character, and nothing bad.

If, after a breakup in a dream, you ask the guy to return, then in reality a difficult conversation with a partner is coming.

Breaking up with a guy led to great suffering, and tears flowed like a river? Oddly enough, this is fortunate! For a holiday, joy, another fun pastime.

Did the guy cry during the break? This indicates the presence of omissions in the relationship. Your couple could do with being more sincere with each other.

Does a girl see in a dream how, after a breakup, her boyfriend immediately leaves for another? This dream is not good – someone from her inner circle will deceive her.

After breaking up with a guy, did you immediately find a new one? So, in reality there is a solution to a very complex problem.

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