Dream About Broken Phone – meaning


What does the dream in which you break the phone say – let’s figure it out together with popular dream books.

A dream about a broken phone can become a real nightmare, because a small smartphone contains our whole life: contacts, work, love and friendly correspondence, and, of course, valuable photos. Why dream of breaking the phone, let’s figure it out together with popular dream books.

Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga the era of mobile communications practically did not catch – she died in 1996. So in Vanga’s dream book nothing is said about a broken phone or smartphone. However, the seer believed that the appearance of mobile communications, a cell phone in every pocket, is an evil that destroys a person, depersonalizing him. Modern gadgets, according to the seer, were a new type of modern information weapon that enslaves humanity, deprives the will and its own opinion.

You can draw an analogy with sleep: if in a dream you broke your phone or phone screen, it means that you have freed yourself from public opinion, from the pressure of the people around you, from criticism and ideas imposed on you. If another person broke your phone, it means that a friend or patron will appear in your life. So a broken phone can be interpreted as a good sign, portending freedom.

Why dream of breaking a mobile phone according to Miller? Gustav Miller also did not find the era of mobile communications – the American psychologist, known for his book “Dream Interpretation or the Interpretation of Dreams”, passed away in 1929. But he has witnessed the spread of analog telephony, so you can draw a parallel. So, if your phone (it is quite possible that it is mobile) broke or crashed in a dream, then in the near future you will have problems communicating in reality.

Misunderstandings will begin, differences of opinion on various issues, the inability to come to a common decision. If you see a broken phone or a broken phone screen in a dream, then you may lose your good friend and good friend. Something terrible, of course, will not happen to you, just a person will stop communicating with you. Someone else broke your phone, which means he wants to turn the team or mutual friends against you. Beware of such people.

Legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud also died before the advent of the mobile phone – he died in 1939. But if he lived, then mobile communications would become a rich source of his research. Let’s draw an analogy with a dream in which you dream of a regular phone. Freud believed that if a phone or other device was broken on purpose, then most likely the accumulated stress that caused an emotional breakdown arose due to dissatisfaction with personal life. You are probably very tense in reality, negative energy does not find an outlet. And, of course, according to Freud, the best option to get rid of it is sex.

After intimacy, negative energy is transformed into positive, and all problems can be calmly resolved or relegated to the background. If a girl dreams of a broken phone, she dreams of subconsciously starting a family and not being alone, although in reality she may hold the opposite opinion. If the phone crashed by accident, then you have problems with attention and concentration. Pay more attention to yourself – walk, relax, eat deliciously, sleep – alone or together with your soulmate. Freud will only be “for”.

David Loff claimed that the phone in a dream is a symbol of the connecting thread between you and other people. The device is broken – the thread, that is, the connection, will be cut off. Such a dream can be interpreted as isolation and loneliness in the future – desired or forced. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will stop talking to relatives or friends – it is better to interpret such a dream as a loss of emotional connection, understanding, love or friendship. You may distance yourself from your loved ones. It is also important who you talked to on the phone, which later turned out to be broken. The person on the other end of the line has an impact on your life, but he is not connected to you in the way he could or would like you to.

Why dream of breaking the phone in a dream according to the version Nostradamus? This dream can also be explained, because the soothsayer did not witness the flourishing of telephone communications. But you can find a general interpretation of the image of communication (telephone) – it means that soon you will meet people who will try to harm you, lead you astray. An explanation of broken glass, that is, a smartphone screen – such a sign promises atrocities of a loved one.

Loff believed that the phone is a means to join your life with people who are important to you, but at the same time may be far away from you. Therefore, it matters – with whom, how and what you talk on the phone. The role of this person and the details of the conversation in the ongoing further life events will be high. If you call a person yourself, it means that in life it is worth turning to him for help in a seemingly insoluble problem.

If they call you – perhaps the person needs your help or support, but is directly shy or afraid to contact. Accordingly, if you dream of breaking the phone in a dream, you should not count on help and communication. Count only on yourself. Perhaps a broken and broken phone promises an early difficult test.

Esoteric seers believe that if you dream of breaking a phone or mobile, it means that soon you will have to find out information that will be very important. You may not hear it spoken in words – it may come to you in the form of signs, so be careful, listen to your intuition and do not miss it. If in a dream you just hear the phone ringing, it means that your attention will be required to the important information that has come in the other day, and it is best to think over your further actions, taking into account what you have learned, without haste and fuss, analyzing each stage.

Islamic soothsayers are sure that seeing a phone in a dream is a deep affection for someone, usually inaccessible. A dream in which you dream of a broken phone (or its screen) speaks of unrequited love, long-distance relationships, separation, and other such things. It is quite possible that you should not waste time on them – they are doomed to love torment and a resounding failure. If you call on a broken phone, you will become the subject of rumors and gossip. If no one answers the call, this indicates that you are likely to fail in life. It is worth counting only on yourself.

If you yourself and deliberately broke the phone, this indicates pent-up anger or resentment. Something has upset you very much, and you try to act as if nothing had happened, but it does not work.

If you accidentally broke your phone, then your plans for the coming days will be ruined, and you yourself will be the culprit.

If you unsuccessfully try to turn on a broken phone in a dream, in reality no one listens to your opinion and advice. In the near future, you will not be able to change this situation in any way, so you will have to rely only on yourself.

Throwing away a broken cell phone is fortunate. Many dream books claim that this is a symbol of your willingness to give up old, broken relationships, bad friendships, low-paying jobs, and other circumstances that are dragging you down.

To receive an already broken phone as a gift is a nuisance. This dream predicts meanness from someone close to you.

If in a dream you dial numbers 01, 02, 03 in despair on the phone, in reality you need help.

In a conversation on a broken or broken phone, you do not hear the interlocutor well – in reality, you need to listen to the intuition and advice of the people around you.

If in a dream you touch your mobile phone, admire it, take care of it, it means that you want to increase your status in the eyes of others and get rid of dependence on other people’s opinions.

If a phone call interferes with your affairs, or the phone breaks during a conversation, this suggests that in reality random events or strangers can confuse the cards.

If in a dream the phone is broken, and you are seriously upset about this, then in reality you will have problems and difficulties in relationships: you will quarrel with friends, part with your loved one. However, do not take this dream as an inevitability. Just be careful with emotions and words, try not to offend people.

If you yourself smash the phone to smithereens, this indicates the futility of your project or the business you are currently busy with. Perhaps you should let go of the situation and start over with a clean slate.

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