Alicia Silverstone: “I’m concerned about where our food comes from”

In Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Meals, the 40-year-old star explains why she’s so passionate about the vegan lifestyle.

“I have always been interested in the truth in all areas of life,” she says. “I’m worried about where our food comes from. And once you know this truth, there will be no way for you to go back.”

She believes that food workers deliberately deceive the public by promoting meat: “It’s a constant lie so that we make choices in favor of what is contrary to our nature.”

When Alicia was criticized for allegedly forcing her children to follow a vegan diet, the actress staunchly defended her family’s lifestyle: “My son loves the food I give him. He is deprived of nothing. He likes fruit the way other kids like candy!”

Silverstone says she has no problem feeding her children: “I can cook anything based on what’s in the fridge. There are always beans, whole grains and other healthy foods at home.”

In 2012, Silverstone caused shock and indignation among Internet users by posting a video on her website in which she feeds Bear with pre-chewed food. She tried to explain her actions by stating that people have been doing this for thousands of years, and this method is still valid in the 21st century.

“The amazing thing is that I feel completely healthy. I feel so good that I feel completely different. The opportunity to do something useful for the Earth, animals and in general for everyone is simple, but it looks like the biggest and most powerful “Spirit”!

Despite her strong beliefs, Silverstone has made it clear that she doesn’t encourage others to be vegan: “I’m not judging anyone else at all,” she recently told People. – I only give information if people want to know something about the truth that I came to. But if people don’t follow it, I’m still calm.”

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