Dream About horses – meaning

To figure out what the horse is in the dream of, you need to analyze all the details of the dream, then you can understand its exact meaning.

The horse is a symbol of diligence, optimism, strength, enthusiasm, fidelity, nobility. Most often, sleeping with this animal is a good sign, but there are also negative interpretations. It all depends on how the horse looked and behaved, as well as on other details of sleep.

The healer and clairvoyant warned people who saw a horse in a dream about the secret machinations of enemies or the betrayal of friends. This is true if the horse in a dream comes up to the sleeping person. Soon he will face the deceit of a loved one or friend.

The revived dead horse shows that the ill-wisher, defeated in the past, is again preparing for an attack. Riding a horse dreams of losing caution, and an attack by a herd of wild horses warns of a possible car accident.

This interpreter has a lot of interpretations of a horse seen in a dream, so when using it, pay attention to even the smallest details of your dream.

If during sleep you ride a white horse, this is a good symbol. He talks about meeting good people, strong friendships. But if your animal turned out to be dirty, then be prepared that among people close to you there are envious and ill-wishers.

Ride a black horse – luck favors you in business, but one day you will understand that the most important thing in life is not work and knowledge gained from it.

A spotted horse in apples in dreams is extremely rare, but those people who saw him can be sure that their business will go uphill.

If a man in a dream sees how he rides a bay stallion, he will be promoted up the career ladder. For the fair sex, such a dream will allow you to get material benefits from an annoying admirer.

The horse went to the herd – you will receive news of a serious illness of one of your relatives or close people.

In a dream, you cross a stream with crystal clear water on horseback – this is a success. However, if the water turned out to be dark and cloudy, this is the opposite sign.

If in a dream someone cleans a horse, or you do it yourself using a comb, the road to your cherished goals will be as difficult as possible with a lot of obstacles.

Being scared while riding – your significant other will be jealous or very worried about you.

Seeing a herd graze means that your business is going well, you have acquired reliable partners. But if the pasture turned out to be scorched, bare or dry, envious people appeared among your friends and colleagues.

The appearance of a horse trader warns against risky investments, however, if you analyze everything clearly, you can make a good profit.

You buy a stallion in a dream and understand that you have been deceived – this is a symbol of loss; if you sell it yourself – good luck if the horse is not the most thoroughbred.

Freud believed that the horse represents the feminine. Thus, in a man’s dream, she means his beloved. A beautiful graceful horse shows that a man is looking for or has already found an ideal partner.

A real ladies’ man in a dream may have a whole herd of prancing horses, as his thoughts are busy developing a plan to conquer women.

A sick mare speaks of anxiety for the second half. Most likely, she is sick, and the sleeper is worried about her condition. Sleeping with sick foals, reflecting the poor health of children, has a similar meaning. A rider who saddled a horse in a dream wants to have many heirs in real life.

A woman riding a stallion is in reality satisfied with her relationship with her lover. Their goals and views are the same. And vice versa, if the horse throws off the rider, she will have to break with her partner on his initiative.

An American psychotherapist said that all images that acquire a clear form in a dream are sent to a person by the subconscious. With horses, he associated the dreamer’s work. If he has seen an animal harnessed to a cart carrying a heavy load several times or even once, most likely it is time to rest. The body thus signals that it is tired of “working like a horse.” If you do not listen to it, you can harm your own health.

The predictor almost never associated dreams about horses with something pleasant. Common interpretations in his dream book are:

  • care for a sick animal – to care for a seriously ill family member. If in the night story the beast is on the mend, then in real life everything will work out;
  • to see a driven animal – the dreamer’s work does not bring him either material or moral satisfaction;
  • a lame horse in a dream is one who should change jobs. Otherwise, the sleeper will face serious work-related injuries in the future;
  • harness an animal to a cart – quarrel with a friend, a loved one;
  • to see a beautiful beast – to resentment, misunderstanding;
  • wash the animal – cry a lot;
  • swimming with a horse in a pond – to gossip.

Nostradamus indicates the only positive meaning in a dream in which a person combs the mane and tail of an animal. If a girl had such a dream, most likely, matchmaking awaits her. For young people, a similar plot portends an imminent romance.

A horse in a dream symbolizes fate, spiritual thoughts and hopes. If you dreamed of a white horse, the dream predicts an imminent arrangement of affairs. For women, a dream about a white horse promises marriage. To get down from a horse in a dream – to the loss of one’s current position.

This dream book interprets the horse as a kind of trap. Perhaps someone from the environment suspects you of unclean and illegal acts and is trying by all means to bring you to clean water.

Ride on horseback – you have a plan for revenge. Dead stallion – you can avoid punishment. The probability of this is higher if it does not have an objective basis.

In a dream, to be on horseback according to an Islamic dream book means in reality to become a powerful and influential person. If the sleeper saw himself sitting on a horse behind someone, the person in front will help to achieve unprecedented heights in politics.

Basically, a horse in a dream is a good sign. Happy changes in life await you in the near future. If you dreamed that you were riding a graceful horse with a beautiful flowing mane, then you can definitely say that you have entered a streak of good luck and luck. And this should definitely be used.

The herd of horses that a young girl dreamed of portends an early successful marriage, and for a married woman or a married man – success in business and high patronage. And the larger the herd, the more successful the future awaits.

If a herd grazes on lush grass, this brings mutual understanding with business partners, and if they walk through an empty meadow, friends will help you. The running herd predicts the achievement of goals and the fulfillment of desires.

Three horses means career growth.

Why a white horse is in the dream is of interest to many. But you can also see other colors of horses in a dream. And it is this factor that is very important for understanding how a dream can affect reality.

In almost all dream books, a white horse is associated with positive changes in real life. It is during such a period that one can take on the implementation of the most daring plans and making responsible decisions.

If a white horse is in the dream, then this may mean that a life crisis has ended or a period of spiritual enlightenment has begun.

When a white winged horse appears in a dream, this is evidence that during this life period the higher powers are favorable to you and you can handle any, even bold undertakings.

When a bay horse is in the dream, it means that you will have to work hard on the way to your goal. But such a dream can also be evidence of your stable well-being, it emphasizes that nothing threatens you in this life period. The brown horse in the dream is also a harbinger that the crisis is ending.

A red horse in a dream indicates that unplanned events are planned in your life. Such a dream can emphasize that you are bogged down in routine affairs and you need to make some spontaneous decision that will move your business forward. At the same time, it is important not to think about the consequences, because if you start to analyze your actions, you will again be stuck in place. If a red horse is dreamed of by young girls, then you may soon have to endure the betrayal of a loved one.

When a black horse dreams, this is a rather dangerous warning. A dream may indicate the awakening of some unconscious instincts that can greatly harm you in real life. Therefore, it is important for impulsive people to control their actions and not release their passion.

Many dream books interpret a black horse as a symbol of death, so often such a dream can be a harbinger of the development of a serious illness. Moreover, in such cases, the person who dreamed of a black horse does not have the ability to control the events that have come.

If the size of a horse in a dream matches its real size, then the dreamer is firmly on his feet. You can call him a rational, sane person. And the direction chosen by him for life is correct. When a pony dreams, it is most likely that the dreamer has too big ambitions that should be tempered. However, in some cases, such a dream indicates that a person should increase his self-esteem.

Huge, gigantic horses usually come in a dream to people whose feelings prevail over reason. It is worth reconsidering your life credo, becoming somewhat more restrained, as emotions are changeable. It is important to learn to sensibly assess the situation and only then react to it. Otherwise, you may run into a lot of problems.

Many are interested in why they dream of harnessing a horse in a dream. Usually such plots portend financial rewards. In addition, this is a kind of signal that a person is moving along the right path, wanting to achieve financial well-being. However, a dream in which a person fails to harness a horse indicates that in life he will not be able to get what he wants.

If the in the dream animal is already harnessed to the cart, most likely the person is not able to listen to his own voice. It is extremely important for him to reconsider his life values ​​and understand whether he really works for his own good, and not for the good of other people.


The appearance of a horse in a dream is generally a good sign. If she promises trouble, then they have nothing to do with illness or, even worse, death. Otherwise, all the troubles that this animal portends are solvable and are not associated with serious problems of the material and spiritual plane. During the interpretation, as always, we recommend taking into account all the nuances and details of the dream, its storyline, the presence of strangers and the context of the dream.

Mercury is a fast planet: it actively changes the signs of the zodiac, thereby affecting people’s lives. Until recently, he was in Scorpio – and many struggled with slander, gossip, could not bring colleagues and friends to clean water. But now Mercury and Venus are entering Sagittarius – which means it’s time to transform and keep up with the capricious planet.

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