Why does a man cheat on a woman: causes, signs, consequences


Why does a man cheat on a woman: causes, signs, consequences

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Most married couples face obstacles to a happy married life. At some point, there is a turning point in the attraction of the sexes. The male half of humanity goes all out, forgetting about happy family evenings and about children.

Signs of cheating on her husband

You do not need to be a seer and have magical abilities in order to suspect your spouse of infidelity. It is possible (but not necessary) to check the husband’s phone or arrange for him to secretly follow. Start observing his behavior to understand that another woman has appeared in his love life.

The first calls of suspicion should begin with systematic delays at work, frequent business trips or walks. The opponent will demand more attention. This means that the absence of a spouse from the hearth will occur more and more often.

After a short period of time, husbands begin to intensively engage in their own improvement, rather at the request of their rivals. A new style of clothing, a new perfume, a sudden desire to improve body shape through sports and dieting – all this is the influence of a talented lover.

Lack of attention to the wife, boring eyes and minimal intimate activity are the beginning of the path to separation and, possibly, to divorce. He often yells at his wife over trifles, does not wear a wedding ring.

If all these disasters have befallen your lot, it is better to present your husband with the fact of your awareness of his adventures. Do not try to save a sinking ship at the cost of your feminine pride and a break in psychological balance.

Your tears, persuasion and humiliation will exalt the inflated conceit of the traitor. It will not bring you family retention or peace of mind.

The above signs do not guarantee that your spouse is cheating on you.

Reasons for male infidelity

Learn from the mistakes of friends, neighbors and female relatives. It is possible to prevent cheating on a spouse, and every woman has a similar ability.

Ask yourself the question of how a prospective mistress can hook a lover, even if there is no such in her husband’s life. The reasons for many cheating come from female shortsightedness. Don’t cry that you don’t have enough time for yourself. If your spouse is dear to you, you will have to work on yourself every day. Love yourself!

Pay attention to the fact that he is interested in which women he pays attention to. Believing in the myth that his mistress lured him with delicious donuts and lace underwear is stupid, but it has an explanation. If you want to avoid cheating, become the mistress of your own husband.


It is vital for a man to periodically see either a passionate oriental beauty or a fatal seductive blonde. Turn on your imagination and start surprising the darling boldly and enchantingly.

Become an actress with many roles, and the chances of cheating decrease dramatically. Enjoy your feminine power and don’t become monotonous and impersonal.

Develop spiritually: read more, go to the theater, exhibitions and concerts. Go out into nature, walk more often, find time for sports. And all this with your beloved, of course! Change “costumes and decorations”!


Why is my husband cheating?

Main reasons:

  • all men love everything new;
  • when the wife does not seek to satisfy his sexual needs;
  • jealousy and reproaches;
  • invasion of personal space: surveillance, checking pockets and phone push the man to fornication;
  • the wife ceases to take care of herself (figure, hairstyle, clothes, manicure);
  • a working man grows intellectually, often a housewife stops his development without perfecting herself.


Cheating is betrayal, this is how men and women perceive it.

In male infidelity, both spouses are guilty and responsible. There is some “but” for men. Most women, the more painful they burn or fall, the faster and faster they rise and begin to reincarnate.


Sometimes the stronger sex, before changing “awl for soap”, must try to help a faithful wife to become a desirable woman. Tell her that you are annoyed and, perhaps, there will be no betrayal. Otherwise, your ex-wife may make you “bite your elbows”.

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