Why do raw foodists get sick?

Many raw foodists, having switched to a natural diet, naively believe that only a change in diet will affect their health. This is by no means the case. For example, think about what the person does more often – eat, drink or breathe? If a person eats fresh plant food, but at the same time drinks bad water and breathes dirty air, then his lymphatic system will also be abundantly cleansed. In addition, in the absence of normal physical activity, the blood flow ceases to function properly, the tone in the muscles disappears, the person feels lazy and from this is increasingly drawn to a sedentary lifestyle.

Everything needs to be integrated, both in nutrition, in water, air, exercise, sun, sleep, and thoughts, because thoughts also greatly affect our well-being. As for the raw food diet itself, it is not so simple either. Many raw foodists and even fruit eaters make one very gross mistake, believing that any plant food is good for us. Far from it. For example, there are, quite simply, poisonous plants. But there are fruits that, if consumed excessively, also negatively affect the human body.

These are foods that are high in fat (nuts, seeds, avocados, durian, and some others). These foods are fatter than many of the “regular” foods. Yes, these are polyunsaturated fats that are easily digested and do not have a negative effect in small quantities, but in large quantities (more than 10% of the calorie content of food). Also, you should not consume too much protein (also any more than 10% of the calorie content), although in fact, the amount of protein in food is greatly exaggerated, few will be able to truly eat even 20% of the protein from the daily calorie value of food for a long time. In addition, try to mix different types of food with each other as little as possible, and you should not forget about green-leafed vegetables and herbs. It is a valuable source of minerals for our body.

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