The fastest animals in the wild

In this article, we will look at the fastest representatives of the wild and some of their characteristics. So go ahead! 1. Cheetah (113 km/h) The cheetah is considered the fastest land animal on the planet. Recently, the Cincinnati Zoo documented the fastest cheetah on camera. The name of this female is Sarah and in 6,13 seconds she ran a distance of 100 meters.

2. Pronghorn antelope (98 mph) The antelope is the native mammal of western and central North America and is known as the fastest land mammal in the northern hemisphere. Slightly slower than cheetahs, antelopes are more resilient than the ancient and extinct American Cheetah. 3. Leo (80 mph) The lion is another predator that marches across the ground at high speed. Although the lion is slower than the cheetah (which also belongs to the cat family), it is stronger and more powerful, which is why the cheetah often gives its prey to the dominant lion.

4. Gazelle Thomsona (80 km/h) An indigenous species of the Serengeti National Park, the Thomson’s Gazelle is the prey of many predators such as the cheetah, lion, baboon, crocodile, and hyena. Nevertheless, this animal is not only fast, but also maneuverable and hardy.

5. Springbok (80 mph) Springbok (or springbok, or springbok, or antidorka gazelle) is a herbivore from the Antidorcas marsupialis or antelope family. In addition to its beauty and agility, springbok is a fast runner and jumper. Most antidorcan gazelles are capable of jumping up to 3,5 meters high and 15 meters long when excited, in an attempt to attract a female or to escape from a predator.

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