How to become a happy person? Our questions and answers from experts

Each person is looking for his own secret of happiness. To wake up in the morning with a smile and fall asleep with a bright sense of satisfaction. To enjoy every passing day and have time to make dreams come true. To feel fulfilled and needed. We try morning yoga, read useful books and go through effective trainings, stock closet shelves with new things and clothes. Some of this works, some doesn’t. 

Why is this happening? And is there a single recipe for happiness? We decided to ask you, dear readers, what makes you happy. Poll results can be viewed. And also learned the opinion of experts, teachers and psychologists, how to become a happy person and what is needed in order to enjoy every day and all seasons.

What is happiness for you? 

For me, happiness is growth, development. It makes me happy to think that I have achieved something today that I could not do yesterday. It may be very small things, but they make up the whole life. And development always depends only on me. It depends only on me whether I will add love to my life through all the lessons that she teaches me. Growing in love is how I would describe what happiness means to me. 

Favorite quote about happiness? 

I like the ancient Greek definition of happiness: “Happiness is the joy we experience when we strive to reach our full potential.” This is probably my favorite quote about happiness. I also really like many of the Maya Angels quotes, like this one: “What an amazing day. I’ve never seen this before!” For me, it’s also about happiness. 

What are your attributes of a happy life? 

● Good attitude towards yourself; ● Meditation and yoga; ● Time together with your loved ones. I think that would be enough for me 🙂 

Why do we often feel unhappy? 

Because we are afraid to understand ourselves. We think we’ll find something terrible inside. As a result, we do not understand ourselves, our needs, do not give ourselves what is really important to us, and shift the responsibility for our happiness outside. Now if I had a husband, now if my husband was more (insert your word), now if I had another job / house / more money… nothing that is outside of us can make us happy. But it’s easier for us to hold on to this illusion than it is to start to really understand ourselves and take care of ourselves. It’s okay, I did it too, but it leads to suffering. It is better to take the most daring step in life – to start looking inward – and in the end this will surely lead to happiness. And if it hasn’t yet, then, as the famous film says, “it means that this is not the end yet.” 

The first step to happiness is… 

Good attitude towards yourself. It is very important. Until we become kinder to ourselves, we cannot be happy and cannot be truly kind to others. 

We must begin to learn love through ourselves. And being a little kinder to yourself is the first step. Just start talking to yourself kindly inside, give yourself time to listen to yourself, understand your desires, needs. This is the first and most important step. 

What is happiness for you?

True, inner happiness is the foundation of our life, and if the foundation is strong, then you can build any house, any relationship or work on it. And if the house itself changes – its exterior and interior, or even if it is blown away by a tsunami, then the foundation will always remain … this is happiness that does not depend on external circumstances, it lives by itself, in its own rhythm of joy and light.

A happy person does not ask, he thanks for what he has. And he continues his way to the primordial source of being, discarding all the tinsel around him and clearly hearing the beating of his heart, which is his conductor. Favorite quote about happiness?

My own:  What are your attributes of a happy life?

Veins on the leaves of trees, the smile of a baby, the wisdom on the face of old people, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of rain, fluffy dandelions, the leathery and wet nose of your beloved dog, clouds and sun, warm hugs, hot tea and many wonderful magical moments that we often forget to notice. and live through the heart!

When we fill ourselves with these sensations, a light called “happiness” lights up inside. Usually it barely burns because we do not feed it – but it is worth paying attention to our feelings, as it gradually begins to flare up. Why do we often feel unhappy?

All because we do not appreciate the here and now and do not know how to enjoy the process. Instead, with tongue hanging out, we strive for a goal that serves as satisfaction for only a few moments. For example, the desired figure on the scales, material wealth, a successful career, travel and many other “hoties” – and as soon as we reach them, something else immediately begins to be missed in life.

Another state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction comes from comparison with others. We do not realize the whole uniqueness of our existence and suffer from this. As soon as a person falls in love with himself sincerely and deeply, then comparisons go away, and in their place comes acceptance and respect for himself. And most importantly, gratitude.

Ask yourself: Why do we always compare ourselves to others? With people who we think are better than us: prettier, healthier, happier? Yes, this can have many reasons, even from childhood, but the main one is the blindness of one’s individual, unique nature!


Imagine if the field bell suffers from the fact that it is not a red, velvety rose, but a butterfly, not to sleep at night because it does not have yellow stripes, like a bee. Or the oak will scream at the birch for the fact that its leaves are more tender than its wise leaves, and the birch, in turn, will experience a feeling of inferiority due to the fact that it does not live as long as the oak.

It would be comical, wouldn’t it? And this is how we look when we ungratefully deny our true nature, which is perfect in its incarnation. The first step to happiness is…

Wake up and start dancing your own life – with an open, honest heart and self-love. Drop all comparisons and discover your uniqueness. Appreciate everything that is now. From today, before going to bed, live gratitude for this day. Learn to combine outer knowledge with inner wisdom.

Ekaterina also asked us to attach a letter written to her son, who passed away 2,5 years ago:


What is happiness for you?

Do what I want to do. This is a very important point: to be completely immersed in the matter. If this is teaching yoga, then teach; if this is a relationship with a person, then be with a person completely; if reading, then read. Happiness for me is to be completely in the moment here and now, with all my feelings. Favorite quote about happiness?

(Happiness is fragile, the pursuit of happiness balances) Lawrence Jay What are your attributes of a happy life?

Breathe deeply, hug a lot, eat mindfully, stress your body so you don’t stress the world around you. For example, do yoga or fitness, so that there is some kind of load. Conscious stress is positive, because at this moment we are building something. Why do we often feel unhappy?

We forget that unhappiness is as much our nature as happiness. We have emotional waves and we just need to learn how to ride those waves. When we ride them, we begin to feel the balance. Happiness is the understanding that everything is changing: I can expect something better than now, or something worse. But just when I stop expecting and just be in this moment, something magical starts to happen.   First step to happiness this is…

It may seem strange, but the first step to happiness, if you want to experience it very quickly, is cold water. Jump into almost icy water, breathe and stay there for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the first thing we will feel is our living body. So alive that we will forget about all depressions. The second thing we will feel when we get out of the water is how much better we immediately feel.

What is happiness for you?

Happiness is a state of mind when you love and are loved… it is in this state that we are in harmony with our Feminine Nature. Favorite quote about happiness?

Dalai Lama Peace of mind is very important for us women. When the mind is silent, we listen to our heart and take steps that lead us to happiness. What are your attributes of a happy life?

● Inner smile in the heart;

● Morning coffee prepared by a loved one;

● A home filled with the aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and freshly prepared goodies;

● Definitely – flowers in the house;

● Music that makes you want to dance. Why do we often feel unhappy?

I recently took a meditation course and I can say for sure that unawareness and identification with negative thoughts and emotions makes us unhappy. First step to happiness this is…

This is the establishment of good relations with oneself, full of trust, deep respect and love for the Inner Self, your body and your Feminine Nature.

It turns out that happiness really lives inside every person. You don’t have to seek it or earn it. Rather, stop and look inside yourself – everything is already there. How to see happiness? Start simple – spend time with your loved ones, do a small deed of kindness, give yourself a compliment, ask yourself what I want to improve in – and go! Or just take an ice shower 🙂 

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