Why children should read: 10 reasons


Reading to young children helps them succeed

The more you read to your children, the more knowledge they absorb, and knowledge is important in all aspects of life. There are many studies that show that reading to babies and toddlers prepares them for school and for life in general. After all, when you read to children, they are learning to read.

It is important that children learn to follow words on a page from left to right, turn pages, and so on. All this seems clear to us, but the child is faced with this for the first time, so he needs to be shown how to read correctly. It is also important to instill in your child a love of reading, as this not only improves language and literacy, but also helps him in all aspects of life.

Reading develops language skills

While you may talk to your children every day, the vocabulary you use is often limited and repetitive. Reading books ensures that your child will be exposed to different vocabulary on different topics, which means they will hear words and phrases that they would not be able to hear in everyday speech. And the more words a child knows, the better. For multilingual children, reading is an easy way to build vocabulary and develop fluency.

Reading trains the child’s brain

Reading to young children affects their brain activity and can give them the boost they need to support and develop reading skills at an early age. Research shows that certain areas of the brain work better when children are read books from an early age. These areas are critical to a child’s language development.

Reading increases the child’s concentration

You might think that reading is useless if the baby just wants to flip through the pages and look at the pictures, but even at a very early age it is very important to instill in the child perseverance while reading. Read to your child every day so that he learns to concentrate and sit still for long periods of time. This will help him later when he goes to school.

The child acquires a thirst for knowledge

Reading provokes your child to ask questions about the book and the information in it. This gives you the opportunity to talk about what’s going on and use it as a learning experience. The child may also show interest in different cultures and languages, he becomes inquisitive, he has more questions that he wants to get answers to. Parents are pleased to see a child who loves to learn.

Books provide knowledge on various topics

It is important to provide your child with books on different topics or even in different languages ​​so that they have a wide range of information to explore. There are all kinds of books with all sorts of information: scientific, architectural, cultural, animal books, and so on. There are also books that can teach kids life skills like kindness, love, communication. Can you imagine how much you can give a child just by reading such books to him?

Reading develops the child’s imagination and creativity

One of the biggest benefits of reading to children is watching their imaginations grow. While reading, they imagine what the characters are doing, how they look, how they speak. They imagine this reality. Seeing the excitement in a child’s eyes as they wait to see what happens on the next page is one of the most amazing things a parent can experience.

Reading books helps develop empathy

When a child is immersed in a story, a sense of compassion develops in him. He identifies with the characters and feels what they feel. So children begin to experience emotions, understand them, they develop sympathy and empathy.

Books are a form of entertainment

With the technology that we have these days, it’s hard not to use gadgets to entertain your child. TVs, video games, smartphones and apps are very popular among kids, and there are even dedicated learning programs. However, reading a good book that will keep your child interested can be just as entertaining and even more rewarding. Think about the consequences of screen time and choose a book that will be of interest to your child. By the way, children are more likely to choose a book to satisfy their need for entertainment when they are bored than anything else.

Reading helps you bond with your child.

There is nothing better than cuddling with your little one in bed while reading a book or a story to him. You spend time together, reading and talking, and this can bring you closer and create a strong bond of trust between you. For parents who work or lead an active lifestyle, relaxing with their child and just enjoying each other’s company is the best way to relax and bond with their little one.

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