The right way to restore energy

How to restore energy properly:

The process of creativity is absolutely opposite to the process of energy loss. This is creation in its purest form. Just now there was a void on this canvas, and now a picture has been born. In addition, different types of creativity affect the human psyche in different ways, whether it is color therapy, clay modeling, sand therapy. The main thing is that they all involve the senses – touch, sight, hearing, etc.

Concentration. Focusing. Cessation of internal monologue, screaming in different voices. What better way to piece together your restless soul? After all, negative thinking, constant inner anxiety, negative emotions are the main enemies of your integrity. 

From a technical point of view, music is a set of sound waves with a certain frequency, speed, length. These waves affect our body both mentally and physically.

Music can be both relaxing and destructive.

Classical music primarily contributes to the restoration of energy. They will help balance your emotional state of the mantra. Also, for example, the healing properties of the frequency of 432 Hz are known. You yourself will feel when you hear music that relaxes you.

A change of occupation is not a stop in an attempt to recover, but simply a redirection of energy in another direction, where it can be generated by itself.

Do what truly makes your heart happy. Sure, it’s great to do this every day of your life, but for now, pay special attention to it. Meeting new people, favorite hobby, traveling – everything that can give a new impetus and inspiration.

In Russian fairy tales, bogatyrs ask Mother Earth for strength before a battle. Nature is a storehouse, where you can draw endlessly. If it is not possible to go out of town, then set aside time for a walk in the park.

It is quite obvious that some products do not make our body better, more beautiful and healthier. Limit their consumption, opt for healthy foods, adjust your food intake and the result will not keep you waiting.

The morning is wiser than the evening. Sleep first, then make decisions. If you’re having trouble sleeping, look for a different bed location in your home.

Breathing is at the heart of the energy of the body. Take the time to fully practice your breathing, and over time you will see that the state of the calm mind and body is energy balance.

It is effective in any aspect – get rid of unnecessary clothes, throw away chipped dishes and other household items, trim your hair, limit meetings with people, reduce the number of words – keep quiet. Even just take a shower and the water will wash away today. Traffic

Physical activity causes a rush of endorphins in the blood, the mood will rise, the body will become more beautiful. The most tangible way on a physical level is to just get up and do something.

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