What to give a child: kind and useful toys

wooden cubes

The simplest and at the same time unusual toy is multi-colored cubes made of natural wood. With their help, kids can learn shapes and colors, build entire castles, cities and bridges. Wood is the most environmentally friendly of all existing materials, so wooden cubes easily outperform all plastic toys in terms of benefits and safety.

pink noise toy

The perfect gift for a restless baby. The essence of the toy is this: it has a built-in speaker that makes sounds similar to those that the baby hears in his mother’s tummy. These sounds lull even the most capricious kids to sleep in 3-4 minutes. A real must-have for modern parents and a great gift for a baby.

Wooden beads

Each baby loves to dress up, and large beads can not only be worn around the neck, but also disassembled into separate balls, rolled on the floor and juggled with them. In general, have fun! Usually, educational beads are made from balls large enough so that the child cannot swallow them. Get ready that it will be difficult to tear your parents away from such a toy!

Montessori toys

Montessori is an educational system aimed at the harmonious development of the child’s personality. Toys made according to the principles of this system are made from natural materials, do not have sharp corners or flashy colors in the colors. Such toys are pleasant to the touch and allow the child to explore the world through touch. Montessori toys are perfect for calm thoughtful kids.

wooden rainbow

Very simple, but at the same time such a magical toy! The wooden rainbow features arcs of all seven colors that can be used to build rainbows, build turrets, or make whimsical buildable figurines. Basic colors develop the thinking and perception of the child, and natural materials teach to interact with nature and the outside world.

String toy

Each of us had a toy that you can carry with you in childhood. And now we can buy an eco-friendly wooden toy on wheels in almost every store. Kids love to carry a dog or a cat with them, tell stories to it and feed it with a spoon – it captivates them for many hours!


Older children love to invent incredible adventures and make pirate ships, fairy-tale castles from improvised materials. A bright wigwam will definitely be appreciated not only by little knights and princesses, but also by their parents – you no longer have to donate beautiful bed linen for the construction of the royal palace! Teepees are sold in different sizes and colors, so they will fit into any interior. If necessary, the wigwam can be quickly disassembled and folded. Now the child will have his own little world inside the apartment!

Soft toy made of eco-friendly materials

Chinese soft toys are not the best choice for a child: almost all of them are painted with toxic paints and can cause allergies and other unpleasant reactions. If you want to give a soft toy as a gift, it is better to search the Internet for a local manufacturer who makes toys in small batches, with love and from quality materials. So you will not only please the baby, but also support local producers.

Balance board

Balance board is a special board for developing balance. The board is sold together with a strong cylinder, on which you need to balance, standing on the board with both feet. Active and athletic children are delighted with the balance board. But even quiet and calm guys will like it – a sense of balance causes genuine delight in both adults and children!


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