We clean the lymph nodes and ducts

This lymph purification method was proposed by the American naturopathic physician Norbert Walker. To use it, you need to stock up on citrus fruits in advance. You will need to be able to prepare two liters of mixed juices for three consecutive days.

These two liters will consist of:

  • 800-900 gr of grapefruit juice,
  • 200 gr lemon juice
  • 800-900 grams of orange juice.

This is a serving for one day. This amount of juices is prepared in the morning and then diluted with two liters of melt water. In total, every day you will need to drink four liters of liquid.

How does the procedure take place? In the evening you take an enema (yes, you can’t get away from this method of cleansing the intestines), and in the morning you take 50 grams (this is a heaped tablespoon) of Glauber’s salt in one glass of water. Very important, according to Walker, is precisely this composition of the laxative salt: it is the adsorbent that removes specific dirt from the body. When the laxative works, every half hour you start taking a glass of prepared liquid, slightly warming 200 grams of juice. And besides him – nothing!


That is, you do not take anything inside for three days, except for citrus juice and Glauber’s salt, which makes all the mechanisms of lymph formation actively work with the help of this specific liquid. In the evening enema, every day in the morning – Glauber’s salt, and in between – twenty two hundred gram glasses of slightly warmed juice.

The result is a remarkable cleansing of the entire body. I can say that you do not experience any feeling of hunger these days, because the aforementioned citrus juice – and even on melt water – is a colossal energy drink. After that, calmly, without haste, you can switch to light porridge, to a normal diet.

Such cleaning should be done once a year, preferably in January-February, when all citrus fruits are brought to us at the same time. This is the methodology of Walker, the man who developed the whole doctrine of juice treatment. He already knew about the existence of tangerines, but it was grapefruits, lemons and oranges that he introduced into practice. Therefore, it is better not to allow any deviations from this recipe.

Attention: the liquid must be prepared anew every day to keep it fresh in the morning.

This procedure is recommended after you have already cleaned your liver in order to avoid even a hint of citrus allergy. I think it should not be especially emphasized in view of the clarity of the topic that all three types of citrus should be fully ripe, and not the greens that prudent business executives harvest for future use, hoping for ripening during their journey across the ocean.

Based on materials from the book by Yu.A. Andreeva “Three whales of health”.

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