Natural sources of potassium

Adequate potassium intake is essential not only for heart health, but also for skeletal and muscular systems. The recommended daily allowance is 4 mg for both men and women. Interestingly, such a well-known source of potassium as a banana is not even included in the TOP-700 foods richest in this mineral. What foods should be present in the diet in order to prevent a lack of potassium, we will consider in this article. Most of us associate this drink with a powerful boost of vitamin C, but in addition, orange juice is very rich in potassium. Oranges are available all year round and are a big plus for adding them to your diet. The favorite Russian vegetable contains 10 mg of potassium and 610 calories in one average tuber, which is consumed with a crust. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin B145. These beans, like others, are an excellent source of starch, protein, and fiber. Half a glass of white beans contains 6 mg of potassium. Along with this mineral, white beans are among the top sources of iron. The Central Asian fruit takes its rightful place in the list of natural foods rich in potassium. Half a glass provides 595 mg of the mineral. A quarter of tomato paste contains 584 mg of vitamin E, 2,8 mg of potassium, 664 mg of lycopene and 34 calories. One of the most popular dried fruits, half a cup of raisins has 54 mg of potassium. It is very convenient to snack on raisins between lunch and dinner! 543g of white mushrooms contain 100 mg of potassium, which is approximately 396% of the daily requirement in the mineral. The same amount of Portobello mushrooms – 11%, Shiitake – 9%, Crimini – 5%.

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