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Naturalness above all

The fast pace of modern life leaves a certain imprint on the appearance and health of a person. Faced daily with stressful situations, difficulties, an inexhaustible flow of information, we often forget about the primary needs of our body. Therefore, it is so important today to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of everything that in one way or another affects our well-being. The best assistants on this path, of course, are natural products created from valuable natural and plant components. In a chain of stores AshaIndiathe largest range of high-quality goods among the existing stores of oriental products.

During its existence, the company has formed around itself a circle of regular customers, like-minded people – people who care about their health and the well-being of their families.

What can be found in AshaIndia?

On the shelves of stores, as well as in the catalog on the company’s website, it is easy to find the best products from India, Thailand, China and Korea, including:

• skin and hair care products • products for a healthy balanced diet • dietary supplements • vegetarian sausages, sausages, cheeses • delicious teas and spices • incense

and much more.

How are goods selected?

All products for the range are approved personally by the company’s management:

“I have been a vegetarian for more than 13 years, so I know firsthand about the features of a healthy lifestyle,” says CEO of AshaIndia. – And I consider it my main task to make a healthy lifestyle fully accessible to all residents of our country. So, with us you are guaranteed to find the right product at the lowest price in Russia.

The main principles that the leader is guided by AshaIndia when choosing goods, are:

·         Naturalness of products 

·         Buyers wishes

·         Ayurvedic doctors consultations

A significant part of the assortment is occupied by Ayurvedic products, which are still quite difficult to find in Russia. Consultant AshaIndiafor the selection of suitable products in this direction acts well-known nutraceutical, candidate of medical sciences and corresponding member of the Academy. Oshchepkova – Genvarskaya Diana Igorevna. All Ayurvedic products approved by the consultant have been recognized all over the world and have proven their effectiveness in conditions of poor ecology and frequent stress that accompanies every inhabitant of the Russian metropolis.

Thus, in AshaIndiait is easy to find natural preparations such as Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic jam made from a mixture of Himalayan herbs that enhances immunity and improves the general condition of the body, the rejuvenating agent Triphala, the Abana supplement for high blood pressure, herbal pills to improve potency Speman, and much more. other.

Low Price Guaranteed

Anyone who regularly uses Indian, Korean or Thai products in their everyday life will definitely appreciate the availability of each of the products presented in the range. AshaIndia. Low prices are set due to several important factors:

·         huge volume of purchases, which allows you to offer customers significant discounts and profitable promotions

·         effective business building

·         Our mission is much more important than profit!

According to the company’s management, a business aimed only at obtaining financial benefits has already become obsolete in the long term:

– We see it as our mission to help people with any income in maintaining internal balance with external beauty, therefore we are aware of the responsibility in selecting products, setting prices for them, and making information on the assortment available. Hence the need to search for special staff – people who are “burning” in business, united by the philosophy of a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

In any store AshaIndiand you can get detailed advice on all issues related to products from qualified employees. Opening the door to the store, you will find yourself in a pleasant friendly atmosphere and among conscious people who are ready to help you change your life for the better every day!

“Hippocrates said: “The doctor heals diseases, but nature heals,” the company notes. – AT AshaIndiawe try to fully follow this wisdom, so we select products for you based on natural ingredients bestowed by Nature itself. Making your life better is quite simple, and we will help everyone along the way!

You can get acquainted with the assortment of the company and buy natural products on the website . Delivery is made in a short time to all regions of Russia. BONUS! 5% discount on the card !




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