We clean joints and bones from salt

There are many different ways to dissolve the salts that are present in our joints. In my opinion, the most effective is the one where the main component is bay leaf.

If we are tormented by osteochondrosis, then it follows:

  • buy several packs of bay leaves with a dosage of 25 grams.
  • On the first day in the morning we put half of the pack in an enamel pan and fill it with three hundred milliliters of boiled water, bring to a boil, and then boil for another five minutes – in a violent curling of water.
  • After that, we remove the pan from the stove, wrap it in newspapers, in a blanket, cover it with a pillow on top and simmer for three hours in this way.
  • After that, we pour the tart infused liquid into a glass and drink it in small sips, slowly, until the night to finish drinking before going to bed.

At the same time, we eat everything that is inherent in our usual diet.

It’s the same tomorrow. The next day – the same thing again, with the preparation of the infusion in the morning and its use during the day. I ask you not to be surprised if some people have a sharp urination, maybe even every half hour. The fact is that salts begin to dissolve so intensely that in some people they noticeably irritate the bladder.

A week later I ask you to repeat everything from the beginning: all the same first day, second, third day.

In a year this double session will have to be repeated again.

It will be possible to make sure how vigorously the dissolution of salts occurs in a week or two. If your joint didn’t turn or hurt, or your neck didn’t bend, or you couldn’t put on your jacket without assistance, then you will clearly see how your joints have become more mobile, you will feel that the pains go away.

I would like to emphasize that this procedure should be carried out after cleansing the liver.

Based on materials from the book by Yu.A. Andreeva “Three whales of health”.

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