Vegetarian meals on airplanes

In everyday life, vegetarians in Russia generally do not experience significant nutritional problems. There are vegetarian cafes and shops in almost all major cities. And residents of small towns and villages have access to a large assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits in any supermarket or market. But when we have a long trip ahead, the problem of nutrition becomes very urgent. It is not always possible to find delicious vegetarian dishes in a roadside cafe, and it is a dubious pleasure to be content with potato pies bought from grandmothers. And on the plane there is generally no way to go out and buy food on the road. Fortunately, many modern air companies provide various types of meals: standard, dietary, several types of vegetarian menus, special kits for children and representatives of different religions. Even if the company is not very large, lean food is available almost everywhere.  

The main condition is to order food in advance, at least 2-3 days before the planned flight. To do this, you need to contact the call center of the company and clarify which menu you need to order. For some companies, this service is available on the website. But one day before the flight, in any case, it is better to call back and make sure that the food has been ordered. Unfortunately, there can be difficulties here. The vegetarian menu can be ordered no later than XNUMX hours in advance. To do this, you may need a ticket number or tourist lists provided by the tour operator. However, tour operators often submit these lists only on the day of departure. In order not to fall into such an unpleasant vicious circle, it is better to foresee your diet in advance, and take some food with you on the road.

Here are some companies that have the option to order vegetarian meals:

AEROFLOT provides several dozen different types of food. Among them there are several types of vegetarian menus: TRANSAERO, QATAR, EMIRATES, KINGFISHER, LUFTHANSA, KOREAN AIR, CSA, FINAIR, BRITISH AIRWAYS also offer a wide selection of vegetarian food. However, in any case, it is better to order food several days in advance through the call center. In some companies, this can be done immediately when booking a ticket. There may be problems with departures from the regions and return flights. Also, you should always remember: if there are any changes when booking tickets, meals should be ordered again. In other companies, there may be problems with ordering food, in some places such a service is not provided at all. However, it is always worth trying – with an insistent request, the possibility of ordering a special menu may “suddenly” appear.


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