How to start eating more fruits and vegetables?

Everyone knows how useful vegetarianism, veganism and a raw food diet are – this is confirmed by more and more new scientific studies. But not every meat eater is ready to switch to a new diet right away, “from Monday”. Many note that it may not be easy at first, even if you know with full confidence that it will only make you feel better!

Most often, switching to a predominantly fruit and vegetable diet is hindered by the banal habit of consuming “dead” boiled and fried foods and unhealthy foods. It is known that some time after the transition to a healthy diet, the taste becomes aggravated and it is already unlikely to “slide” back to the consumption of excessively salty and sweet and generally unhealthy and heavy foods. But the transition period can be difficult. How to break this vicious circle?

Especially for people who habitually consume few fruits and vegetables, experts from the American news site EMaxHealth (“Maximum Health”) have developed a number of valuable recommendations that allow you to gradually, as it were, gradually switch to vegetarianism:

• Add berries and banana pieces to porridge, yogurt, cereal or muesli. So you can “invisibly” increase the level of fruit consumption. • Drink 100% natural fruit juices. Avoid drinks labeled as “nectar”, “fruit drink”, “fruit smoothie”, etc. such products contain a large amount of sugar and soda; • Add more vegetables (such as tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.) to your pasta or other regular foods; • Make fruit or vegetable smoothies with a blender and drink them throughout the day; • Add a significant amount of vegetables and herbs to sandwiches; • Swap snacks (such as chips and chocolates) for dried fruits and natural nuts.

Following these simple recommendations, you can easily start consuming more healthy and fresh food – for health and good mood.



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