Lifting – at home? Meet Agar-Agar!

Are you going to see a mesotherapist? I understand you perfectly! It seems very tempting: some person, undoubtedly a professional, maybe even recommended by girlfriends who look great, will take full responsibility for your appearance. Wait! Try to cope on your own: after all, once sitting in this chair, you most likely will no longer be able to do without injections. By the way, mesotherapy has other unpleasant sides: in addition to the fact that the beautician becomes the most important person in life, after many procedures you have to walk with swelling, bruising or blisters on your face, and from Botox and similar means, the face strives to fall into asymmetry. In case of pregnancy, the procedures will have to be stopped for the entire period of bearing and feeding the child, while the skin, accustomed to “cocktails”, will sharply lose its appearance, because the natural metabolic processes have already been violated.

As for the “subtle” level, it is always clear when a person supports himself with artificial methods. You have probably noticed that an almost flawless well-groomed face sometimes makes a slightly repulsive impression.

There is one natural remedy that – with regular use – may well replace mesotherapy! This is lifting with the help of agar-agar algae. Due to its unique ability to bind water, agar-agar is used as a substitute for gelatin, known as food additive E406.

In China and Japan, the healing properties of agar have been known for several millennia, and they are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. When taken internally, agar is considered one of the best means of detoxifying the body and cleansing the intestines.

The composition of algae includes up to 4% of mineral salts, and 70-80% are polysaccharides, in particular glucuronic and pyruvic acids. The first is the main component of the famous hyaluronic acid, and the second is a fat-soluble BHA-acid that penetrates into the pores and dissolves sebaceous plugs. Both of these substances are widely used in modern cosmetology. Algae also contains vitamins, pectins, microelements, which have a detoxifying, nourishing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

The low molecular structure of agar-agar allows beneficial substances to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. And the ability of algae to bind water contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the skin.

So, more to the point, how to use agar-agar for skin care: to do this, you need to buy dried seaweed, grind them in a coffee grinder or mortar, then pour hot water over it. After 15 minutes, you will receive a warm gel, which should be applied in a thick layer to the skin of the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. After applying, take a horizontal position, relax your face and think only about the good. Beforehand, you can turn on pleasant relaxing music, light an aromatic lamp. This will help relax the muscles of the face and more effective penetration of nutrients into the epidermis. It is advisable to do this procedure daily for 30-40 minutes. If the gel is dry, you can apply another layer of the mask and return to the horizontal position. Then wash off the mask with warm water using a sponge.

The use of the mask is recommended for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated. By the way, the resulting gel can be stored in the refrigerator for two months from the date of manufacture. In this case, the maximum amount of active components contained in the algae is still preserved. A little hot water can be added to the cold gel before application to make the substance warm.

To improve the regenerative abilities of the algae gel, you can add crushed aloe pulp or juice squeezed from aloe leaves into it. Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) is one of the most powerful medicinal plants on earth. It accelerates tissue regeneration, moisturizes and softens the skin, eliminates inflammation. 

Aloe leaf juice also has a low molecular weight structure, which allows it to penetrate the skin four times faster than water. At the same time, the active substances stimulate capillary blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the production of collagen by skin tissues, which is responsible for maintaining youth.

It is good to combine the use of an agar and aloe mask with oil therapy, applying at night.

After a few days of such skin care, you will notice that wrinkles and folds are smoothed out, the oval of the face has become more toned, and all your friends vied with each other began to beg for the phone number of your beautician.

Since aging is inevitable, let’s age gracefully by supporting ourselves with only the very best natural remedies!

Text: Vlada Ogneva.

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