Why is it better to rent a house to a raw foodist?

You are going to go abroad or you have another place to live, and you need to rent out your favorite apartment. But the problem immediately arises – to whom? The choice of an adequate tenant should be approached with the utmost care. Many people are not who they say they are. The fate of this apartment will depend on the kind of person who will rent your apartment.

For example, if a person consumes alcohol (and maybe other drugs), then all that remains is to count the days until some accident. This can be a burner left on, an unstuffed cigarette, noisy companies, various unpleasant odors and stains, and so on.

In fact, raw foodists are devoid of all these unpleasant moments.

The fact is that they do not use a gas stove and microwave in principle. So, in addition to safety, you can save a lot on gas and electricity (you can also turn on the refrigerator here – many raw foodists do not use it). Secondly, raw foodists do not use any drugs and here you can sleep peacefully.

Third, raw food companies are kind and cheerful people, so there is no need to worry about noise either.

In general, the list is quite extensive and depends on specific people, but in general the trend is as follows.

At the moment, there is still a stereotype about the madness and fanaticism of raw foodists. This is nothing more than a myth, which still has a grain of truth in the fact that they are constantly under stress of the surrounding society. Therefore, having moved to your apartment, such stresses in a person will disappear. In general, renting with vegans is much more profitable and safer. on our site of kind and adequate tenants and you can not worry about your property.


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