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It is difficult to imagine what humanity would be like today if one day it had not invented books. Big and small, bright and not so bright, they at all times served as a source of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Especially for people who decided to make drastic changes in their lives, for example, such as vegetarians.

What books they read most often, in which of them they are looking for support and incentive to move on, and why, we will tell in this article.

Top 11 books on vegetarianism and veganism

  • Katie Freston «Slimy»

This is not just a book, but a real find for people who want to lose weight through a vegetarian diet. In it, the author talks about how to make the process of switching to a new food system easy and painless for the body, as well as exciting for the person himself. It is read in one breath and promises its readers a quick and long-lasting effect, lasting a lifetime.

  • Katie Freston «Vegetarian»

Another bestseller by a renowned American nutritionist and vegetarian with many years of experience. In it, she shares interesting and useful theoretical information, gives advice to beginner vegans for every day and offers many recipes for vegetarian dishes. That is why it is called a kind of “Bible” for beginners and is recommended for reading.

  • Elizabeth Kastoria «How to become a vegetarian»

A fascinating publication for both established and experienced vegetarians. In it, the author talks in an interesting way about how to completely change your life with the help of vegetarianism. This is not only about food preferences, but also about preferences in clothing, cosmetics, bedding. In addition to theoretical information, the book also contains practical advice for travelers looking for places with a vegetarian menu and more. And also 50 recipes for delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes.

  • Jack Norris, Virginia Massina «Vegetarian for life»

This book is like a textbook on vegetarianism, which covers nutrition and menu design and offers practical advice on food preparation, as well as simple and easy recipes for vegetarians.

  • «Firefighters on a diet»

The book is the story of a firefighter team from Texas who at some point made the decision to go vegetarian for 28 days. What came of it? All of them were able to lose weight and feel more resilient and energetic. In addition, their cholesterol and blood sugar levels dropped. All this, as well as how to cook healthy food, without any experience, they told in this edition.

  • Colin Patrick Gudro «Call me vegetarian»

This book is a real manual that teaches you how to cook simple and healthy dishes from plant foods, be it side dishes, desserts or even burgers. Along with this, the author touches on the benefits of a vegetarian diet and tells a lot of new and interesting things about healthy foods.

  • Angela Lyddon «Oh she shines»

Angela is a well-known blogger and author of the acclaimed bestseller on vegetarianism. In her publication, she writes about the nutritional properties of plant foods and convinces you to try them, using one of the hundred recipes of proven and incredibly delicious vegetarian dishes that are on its pages.

  • Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstin «Forks against knifes»

The book is a sensation, which was later filmed. She came out of the pen of two doctors, so in a fascinating way she talks about all the benefits of a vegetarian diet, confirming them with the results of research. She teaches, inspires and guides, and shares simple recipes for delicious and healthy meals.

  • Rory Friedman «I am beautifull. I’m slim. I’m a bitch. And I can cook»

The book, in a somewhat bold manner, teaches you how to cook plant foods and get real pleasure from it, give up unhealthy foods and control your weight. And also live life to the fullest.

  • Chris Carr «Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Vegan, Light Your Spark, Live As You Want!»

The book describes the experience of switching to a vegetarian diet of an American woman who was once diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis – cancer. Despite all the tragedy of the situation, she not only did not give up, but also found the strength to radically change her life. How? Simply by giving up animal food, sugar, fast food and semi-finished products, which create ideal conditions for the development of cancer cells in the body – an acidic environment. Replacing them with plant food, which has an alkalizing effect, Chris not only prettier, but also completely recovered from a terrible disease. She talks about how to repeat this experience, how to become more beautiful, sexier and younger than her age, on the pages of her bestseller.

  • Bob Torres, Jena Torres «Vegan-Frick»

A kind of practical guide, created for people who already adhere to the principles of a strict vegetarian diet, but live in the non-vegetarian world, or are just planning to switch to it.

Top 7 books on raw food

Vadim Zeland “Live Kitchen”

The book touches upon the principles of a raw food diet and tells about the rules for switching to this food system. It contains theoretical and practical advice, teaches and inspires, and also talks about everything in a simple and understandable way. A nice bonus for readers will be a selection of recipes for raw foodists from Chef Chad Sarno.

Victoria Butenko “12 steps to a raw food diet”

Looking to switch to a raw food diet quickly and easily, but don’t know where to start? Then this book is for you! In simple and accessible language, its author describes the specific stages of transition to a new diet without harm to health and without stress for the body.

Pavel Sebastianovich “A new book on raw food, or why cows are predators”

One of the most popular books, which, moreover, came from the pen of a real raw foodist. The secret of its success is simple: interesting facts, practical advice for beginners, the invaluable experience of its author, and an understandable language in which all this is written. Thanks to them, the publication is read literally in one breath and allows everyone, without exception, to switch to a new food system once and for all.

Ter-Avanesyan Arshavir “Raw Food”

The book, as well as the history of its creation, is breathtaking. The fact is that it was written by a man who lost two children. Disease took their lives, and the author decided to raise his third daughter exclusively on raw food. He was not always understood, a lawsuit was started against him, but he stood his ground and only convinced himself of his rightness, watching his daughter. She grew up a strong, healthy and intelligent girl. The results of such an experiment first interested the press. And later they became the basis for writing this book. In it, the author describes the raw food diet in detail and competently. Many say it inspires and adds confidence to aspiring raw foodists.

Edmond Bordeaux Shekeli “The Gospel of Peace from the Essenes”

Once this book was published in the ancient Aramaic language and was kept in the secret libraries of the Vatican. More recently, it was declassified and shown to the public. Especially raw foodists became interested in it, because it contained quotes from Jesus Christ about raw food and cleansing the body. Some of them later ended up in Zeland’s book “Living Kitchen”.

  • Jenna Hemshaw «Preferring raw food»

The book, written by a nutritionist and author of the popular vegetarian blog, has become widely sought after around the world. Simply because she talks about the importance of eating plant-based and natural foods. It also offers many recipes for unusual, simple and incredibly delicious dishes that are suitable for both raw foodists and vegetarians.

  • Alexey Yatlenko «A raw food diet for everyone. Raw Foodist’s Notes»

The book is of great value to athletes, as it contains the practical experience of transitioning to a raw food diet of a professional bodybuilder. In it, he talks about the euphoria and delusions associated with the new nutritional system, as well as everything that helped him stay on track. A raw foodist by vocation, Alexey read a lot of books and, combining them with his own experience, presented the world with his manual.

Top 4 books on fruitarianism

Victoria Butenko “Greenery for Life”

On the pages of this book is a selection of the best green cocktails. All of them are backed up by true stories of healing with their help. And this is not surprising. After all, in fact, they improve health and literally rejuvenate. And they really like children.

Douglas Graham “The 80/10/10 Diet”

A small book that, according to everyone who has read it, can literally change the lives of people. In simple and accessible language, it contains all the information regarding proper nutrition and its effect on the body. Thanks to her, you can lose weight once and for all and forget about all chronic diseases and ailments.

  • Alexey Yatlenko «Fruit bodybuilding»

This is not just a book, but a real trilogy that brings together editions that are equally useful for beginners and advanced fruitarian. It is ideal for people with an active lifestyle, as it was written by a professional athlete. The publication addresses the theoretical and practical foundations of nutrition, as well as the issues of gaining muscle mass on a fruit diet.

  • Arnold Ehret «Treatment by hunger and fruit»

The book is written for everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life. It describes the “mucus theory” that was later backed up by science and offers some practical nutritional advice to help you rejuvenate and rejuvenate your body. Of course, they are all based on a fruit or “mucusless” diet.

Vegetarian books for kids

Children and vegetarianism. Are these two concepts compatible? Physicians and scientists have been arguing about this for more than a decade. Despite all sorts of contradictions and beliefs, many of them publish interesting and useful books on children’s vegetarianism.

Benjamin Spock “The Child and His Care”

One of the most requested books. And the best proof of this is the many editions of her. In the latter, the author not only described a vegetarian menu for children of all ages, but also made a compelling case for it.

  • Luciano Proetti «Vegetarian children»

In his book, a specialist in children’s macrobiotics described the results of many years of research showing that a balanced vegetarian diet is not only indicated for children, but also very beneficial.

What else can you read?

Colin Campbell “China Study”

One of the world’s most popular books on the effects of nutrition on human health. What is the secret of her success? In the real Chinese study that formed its basis. As a result, it was possible to establish that there is a real connection between the consumption of animal products and the most dangerous chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Interestingly, the author himself in one of the interviews mentioned that he deliberately does not use the words “vegetarian” and “vegan”, since he describes nutrition issues only from a scientific point of view, without giving them an ideological connotation.

Elga Borovskaya “Vegetarian cuisine”

A book written for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Those who are not going to completely abandon food of animal origin yet, but strive to introduce into their diet a maximum of healthy and wholesome foods, in particular, grains and vegetables.

This is just a selection of the most popular books on vegetarianism. In fact, there are much more of them. Fun and healthy, they take their place on the avid vegetarian’s shelf and are read over and over again. But the most interesting thing is that their number is constantly growing, however, as is the number of people who begin to adhere to the principles of vegetarianism.

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