What can I eat for lunch at school?

If your school is currently unable to offer you a vegetarian meal, here are some quick, easy and delicious school lunch ideas to bring from home.

Sandwiches. Put the filling on your favorite type of bread, whether it’s a tortilla, bagel, pita or sliced ​​bread. Filling:

walnut butter and jelly (or sliced ​​apple, banana and strawberries) vegan sandwich (red peppers, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes with hummus or vegan cream cheese) salad with tofu tempeh, lettuce and tomatoes with soy mayonnaise salad with soy meat, tomatoes, onions , soy mayonnaise, mustard and hummus falafel with cucumbers, tomatoes and tahini sauce

Soups (in a thermos):

minestrone lentil chili bean tomato-basil corn chowder


pasta salad (cooked pasta, broccoli and carrots with sauce) taco salad (black beans, corn, red pepper and coriander) sesame noodle salad (cold soba noodles with broccoli, carrots and sesame seeds in peanut sauce) fruit salad (chopped fruit in oil with balsamic vinegar) raw vegetable salad (greens with various vegetables and dressing)

Other ideas:

burrito beans (bread with beans, rice and salsa) brown rice with vegetables and tofu legumes and grains (beans, lentils, peas, rice, quinoa, etc.) noodles with sauce and vegetables soy cheese and whole grain crackers veggie spring rolls and peanut sauce Add snacks and sweets and you have a complete meal.


pretzels whole grain crackers nuts vegetables with hummus


fruit (fresh or dried) soy yogurt soy pudding vegan cookies muffins or other baked goods


bottled water juice soy milk or rice milk



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