Useful properties of kohlrabi

This vegetable is rich in potassium, making it a great ingredient in an alkalizing drink.  


Kohlrabi is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family and is related to cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Although this vegetable looks like a root, it is actually a “swollen stem” that grows above the ground. The texture of kohlrabi is similar to that of broccoli, but sweeter and milder in flavor, with a hint of radish.

Purple kohlrabi is only on the outside, inside the vegetable is white-yellow. Kohlrabi can be eaten as a juice, raw, or stewed with other vegetables.   Nutritional value

Kohlrabi is an excellent source of fiber, carotenoids, vitamins A, C and K. Like other plants in this family, this vegetable is rich in various antioxidants that protect against colon and prostate cancer. In addition to vitamins, this vegetable is also rich in calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and copper. Due to the high content of potassium, kohlrabi is recommended to be eaten to maintain blood alkalinity, which in turn helps with many ailments.   Benefit for health   Acidosis. The high level of potassium in kohlrabi makes this vegetable a useful ingredient in making an alkalizing drink.

Asthma. The high content of antioxidants in kohlrabi helps in the fight against asthma and lung diseases. Include this vegetable in your daily diet, in the form of juice, it goes well with carrots, celery and green apples.

Crayfish. The anti-cancer properties of kohlrabi help in the destruction of malignant cells. Cholesterol level. Kohlrabi juice, rich in phosphorus, mixed with apple juice helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Heart problems. The high amount of potassium in kohlrabi helps control heart rate and reduces the risk of heart disease. Drink kohlrabi juice after exercise for best results.

Stomach upset. Kohlrabi helps clear the stomach. Juice kohlrabi, carrots, celery, and green apples for a soothing effect on the digestive system.

The functioning of muscles and nerves. The high content of vitamins and enzymes in kohlrabi helps to energize the body and regulate the functioning of muscles and nerves. Drink a glass of kohlrabi and carrot juice in the morning, it will energize you!

Cancer of the prostate and colon. Kohlrabi, like other vegetables in the cabbage family, contains some health-promoting phytochemicals such as sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol. Studies show that these antioxidants protect against prostate and colon cancer.

Skin problems. Kohlrabi also helps to eliminate skin problems. Regularly drinking a glass of carrot and kohlrabi juice in the morning with plenty of water throughout the day gives good results.

Weight loss. Kohlrabi inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat, eating kohlrabi is definitely the best way to lose weight!   Tips   When buying kohlrabi, choose small and heavy vegetables. They are young, sweet and tender at this stage, and the purple variety is sweeter than the green.

After purchase, you need to cut the leaves. Kohlrabi does not need to be washed before the vegetable goes to the refrigerator in a plastic bag. It can be stored like this for a week.

When processing kohlrabi for juicing, rinse the vegetable with clean water and cut it. Pairs well with herbs and root vegetables.  


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