Life according to the laws of nature. Detox Program and ways of natural recovery. Part 2. Ways to increase energy and the benefits of freshly squeezed juices

Walking along the path of life, each person sets certain goals for himself. One achieves what he wants with hard work, the other gets everything almost for nothing. But even with all the treasures of humanity today, you don’t know what might happen the next minute. There is no certain height to which you can climb, lie down and be content with what is happening. The tendencies of the development of modern society are sucking us in like a bog, masked by a beautiful green carpet of moss and algae. After all, first of all, a person is a spirit, a soul, as Hollywood star J. Roberts recently spoke about:

Genius Zeland very logically explains the essence of man in this world: 

A healthy person is an indivisible image of a single Consciousness with a single Body. But many people are aware of themselves exclusively as a physical body, i.e. 5% off what they are. The rest of the place is occupied by subtle bodies that a person can awaken, thereby saving himself from suffering and death. Discovering incredible possibilities in ourselves, we begin to be responsible for our worlds… What kind of food, energies, thoughts and feelings do we feed them?

A person, like any biological object, has energy flows, the same Bodies, a biofield or an aura – you can call it differently … If the surface of an apple is intact, not a single pest is able to penetrate it. Likewise, we do not get sick if the integrity of the energy frame is preserved. No destructor (in the people – damage, evil eye) can penetrate such a person!

According to the theory of M. Sovetov, a person receives energy in two ways: from food and from space. The higher the ability of a person, the more energy he is able to assimilate from space. The category with high perceptual abilities includes children, adolescents and young people whose energy channels are still expanded. Over time, a person’s need for energy from food increases, as this is a faster and easier way that does not require work on oneself and the development of spiritual abilities, and the ability to assimilate the energy of space is lost. With age, the amount of energy obtained from raw plant foods is insufficient, and a person begins to thermally process food (since a person is physically unable to eat a carload of raw apples). Further, people have come up with the idea of ​​eating animal food (containing a higher concentration of energy), not paying attention to its quality, which is why life expectancy is shortened in the long run. But a person is not able to eat a kilogram of meat – he will always lack energy! 

1. Physical exercise.

2. Hardening procedures – thermal and cold.

3. Breathing practices.

4. Information starvation.

5. Food starvation.

Let me remind you that we talked about the basics of changing the way of eating: eliminating synthetic products and incorporating a large amount of fresh raw vegetables and fruits into the diet, replacing them with one meal of traditional cooked food.

In fact, the body of modern people is very poorly able to absorb fruits. And while he is learning to assimilate them, increasing the bacteria that feed on raw food (normal intestinal microflora), we squeeze juices out of fruits, since they are 100% absorbed by any organism without any digestion, without straining our enzyme systems!

From a lecture by M. Sovetov:

The next rule worthy of implementation will be a one-day weekly juice fast! Let this day be a day dedicated to your health! After all, juices act like a “blood transfusion”!

American herbalist, Dr. Schulze, cures thousands of patients with juice fasting, herbal medicine and other cleansing methods! I am sharing with you the most magical hematopoietic formula that has saved hundreds of his patients from death.

The sooner you can drink the resulting mixture after pressing, the better.

250 ml organic carrot juice

150 ml organic beet root juice

60 ml organic beet greens juice

30 ml organic wheatgrass juice (wheatgrass greens)

If you prefer fruit, use apple and grape juice, or any grape, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, plum—that is, any purple, blue, or deep red fruit.

The concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other life-giving nutrients in the juice are assimilated in your mouth and delivered to your cells in seconds, quickly traveling to every organ and cell in your body. They naturally detoxify your body by stimulating the elimination organs (liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and intestines) to eliminate more waste. By alkalizing and purifying the blood, they facilitate phagocytosis – the speed and ability of white blood cells to cleanse blood and tissues – of bacteria, viruses, fungi and many harmful pathogens, even malignant cancer cells!

Believe me, a little time will pass, and you will feel with every cell how your body is being renewed! You will get sick less often than others. And when you understand that this program works, you will discover not one, not five, but thousands of ways to cure absolutely any disease!


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