Vegetarianism can prevent global warming.

Cattle are the main “supplier” of methane gas into the atmosphere, which creates a greenhouse effect on the planet and is responsible for global warming. According to the head of the research team of the center, Dr. Anthony McMitchell, 22% of methane is released into the atmosphere during agriculture. The same volume of gas is emitted into the environment by the world industry, in third place is transport, the researchers specify. Cattle account for up to 80% of all harmful substances that appear in agricultural production. “If the global population increases by 2050% by 40, as scientists predict, and there is no reduction in methane emissions into the atmosphere, it will be necessary to reduce the consumption of meat of cattle and poultry per capita to about 90 grams daily,” says E. McMitchell . Currently, the average human daily diet is about 100 grams of meat products. In developed countries, meat is consumed in the amount of 250 grams, in the poorest – only 20-25 per capita daily, the researchers cite statistical data. Along with contributing to the prevention of global warming, reducing the proportion of meat in the diet of people in industrialized countries will have a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of cardiovascular, oncological and endocrine diseases, scientists state.

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