Compulsory health care is an attempt to save the entire medical industry

March 15 2014

State medical policy is not dictated by concern for our health. This is, in the end, just an attempt to save the medical industry: soldiers return from the war and they are forced to take antidepressants, children are put on drugs for hyperactivity.

But what is really needed? Let’s take a look at how GMOs and fluoridated water affect health. Let’s take a look at how the chemicals in vaccines affect the central nervous system.

Let’s check the content of mercury, lead, aluminum and cadmium in the blood. Dr. Pavel Connetta, professor of chemistry at the University of New York, gives a damning interview about the history of water fluoridation. It turns out that this is the result of major industries conspiring to add toxic waste to drinking water, which is why government health authorities refuse to conduct scientific research on the dangers of fluoridation.

Is this what your doctor says when you go to see him? What if doctors don’t want to tell the truth? Good old pharmacology! How much mercury is in your mouth right now? Healthcare in America operates in markets that encourage corrupt and unregulated investment in substandard healthcare. We do not need chemicals for health.

Final Thoughts: If you don’t want to get cancer, don’t ever eat GMOs, never consume processed foods, never drink tap water, never take chemical drugs. Eat organic food and support organic farming. And don’t vote for idiots who want war.



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