Turin – the first vegetarian city in Italy

Located in the north of Italy, Turin is famous for cars, football, the Winter Olympics and now…vegetarianism! New mayor Chiara Appendino announced plans to turn Turin into Italy’s “first vegetarian city” in 2017. Weekly meat-free day, lectures to schoolchildren on the topic of animal welfare and ecology, shocked local butchers.

, says Stefania Giannuzzi, deputy and responsible for the initiative. Indeed, the streets of an Italian town will not force a vegetarian tourist to be in search of a suitable place for lunch. Despite the reputation of Piedmont for its pronounced meat cuisine, the offer of plant-based dishes is really impressive.

According to Claudio Viano, owner of the first vegetarian restaurant “Mezzaluna”, which has been in existence for 20 years:. In addition to standard vegan offerings like tofu and falafel, you can find creative adaptations of Italian classics in Turin. Garlic-mushroom lasagne without heavy sauce at Il Gusto di Carmilla. The vegan pistachio ice cream based on rice milk at the Mondello store is simply impossible to stop.

Giannuzzi notes that the authorities do not want to clash with meat producers and agricultural associations, which, by the way, organized a barbecue last May to protest falling sales. Instead, Stefania focuses on the environmental benefits of vegetarianism, citing UN principles and the Paris Agreement (2015) as strong arguments to reduce the city’s meat consumption.

says Monica Schillaci, a vegetarian activist in her 30s,

Mayor says,

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