Useful properties of jasmine

The divine aroma of the jasmine tree has such an effect on our body that it releases chemicals that increase mood, energy and reduce anxiety. On this, the amazing properties of a pleasant and familiar fragrance to all of us since childhood do not end there. Scented green, black or oolong tea with jasmine and a naturally sweet, flowery taste has a positive effect on weight loss. Due to the high level of catechins, jasmine tea speeds up the metabolism and burns more calories. Research shows that the scent of jasmine tea or applied to the skin has a relaxing effect. In fact, there is a weakening of autonomic nervous activity and a decrease in heart rate. Rich in antioxidants, jasmine tea has a mild sedative effect that relaxes the body, mind, soothes coughs, and helps control blood pressure. Traditionally used to restore the skin, essential oils and plant extracts increase firmness and hydrate the skin, relieving dryness. The natural antibacterial properties of jasmine increase the skin’s immunity and its protective functions. The antispasmodic properties of jasmine are effective for muscle pain, spasms and sprains. Traditionally, the essence of this powerful plant has long been used during childbirth as an analgesic property. Recent studies have confirmed the antispasmodic efficacy of jasmine. 

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