Useful products that deceive us

Low-fat foods can contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar, which can be detrimental to your health and figure in excess. To avoid negative effects, pay attention to the list of ingredients on the packaging and opt for natural yogurt without additional sweeteners. For sweetness, add fresh fruits, berries, or dates to yogurt.

The catch in the case of juice or smoothies is the same as in the previous paragraph – in addition to vitamins, sugar enters the body (we will not talk about packaged and canned foods – everything is clear here). If you’re a big fan of fruit drinks, it’s enough to follow the rule: “no more than 1 glass of juice/smoothie without sugar or other sweeteners per day.” To reduce the concentration and reduce the amount of sugar, select the least sweet fruits or dilute the juice with plain water.

Sports drinks promise us additional energy for intense workouts and self-improvement, but do not focus on the fact that this energy is provided by sugar. On average, one bottle of isotonic contains about 7 teaspoons of sugar, and this despite the fact that the daily norm for a man is 9 teaspoons, and for a woman – only 6. If you find it difficult to give up your favorite sports drink, just try replacing it with plain water with pieces of fresh fruits, berries or vegetables. 

The second option, for advanced athletes: you can make your own sports drinks that maintain the water-salt balance of the body. The successful composition of such a drink:

• 3-4% carbs (7-9,4 g carbs per 237 ml) 

• Sugar: 7–9,4 g glucose and sucrose 

• Sodium: 180–225 mg

• Potassium: 60–75 mg

Most breakfast cereals are high in sugar, so when choosing a granola, remember that “high fiber” or “fortified with vitamins” on the package does not mean that the amount of sugar in the composition is healthy. Look for sugar-free granola on store shelves or make your own at home, but if breakfast doesn’t look appetizing, sweeten the granola with fresh fruits, berries, or add your favorite nuts with a spoonful of honey.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have time for a full meal, so it may seem that diet bars are the perfect solution for a snack on the run. However, many bars contain excessive amounts of sugar and saturated fat, which have a negative impact on our health. Don’t trust fancy slogans – be sure to study the composition of a diet snack or try making nutrition bars from your favorite ingredients at home.

The article was prepared by Elena and Anastasia Instagram: @twin.queen

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