A General description of the disease


This is a group of diseases characterized by high bleeding due to functional abnormalities of platelets. Platelets – platelets, which are responsible for blood clotting at the initial stage of bleeding.

According to statistics worldwide, one in 20 people suffers from thrombocytopathy with varying degrees of severity and intensity.

The symptoms of the course of trombotsitopatii

The main manifestation of trombotsitopatii is the hemorrhagic syndrome, which is characterized by increased bleeding. Thus there bleeding under the skin and under mucous membranes after the most minimal of damage. Thrombocytopathy is manifested by nasal bleeding after minor injuries, uterine bleeding during menstruation, blood discharge in the stool or urine, vomiting blood.

Long period of trombotsitopatii on the background of hemorrhagic syndrome develops anemia, in which the patient suffers from constant fatigue, dizziness, low efficiency, shortness of breath, accelerated heartbeat during even mild load,fainting, pain stabbing nature in the heart.


The types of trombotsitopatii

Thrombocytopathy can be congenital (it is also called primary) and symptomatic (secondary). The secondary form of the disease develops after experiencing a certain diseases.

The reasons for the development of trombotsitopatii

The disease develops for several reasons and depends on its current.

Primary thrombocytopathy is transmitted at the genetic level – at birth, the child has violated the structure of the walls of platelets.

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Secondary (acquired) form platelets change their structure due to the presence of radiation sickness, tumors, kidney diseases and liver, if insufficient intake of vitamin B12.

When trombotsitopatii

If trombotsitopatii plays a big role in nutrition. To improve the condition of the patient is required to fill the body with all the minerals and vitamins. In particular, the body needs folic acid, vitamins B12 and K, omega-6. Filling their body need to eat rabbit meat, mutton, beef, sea fish, cheese, eggs, dairy products, peaches, persimmons, citrus, herbs (parsley, dill, coriander, spinach, garlic, lettuce), cabbage, green apples, legumes, pumpkin, avocado, ash, flour, yeast, apricots, buckwheat, cucumbers, watermelons, nuts. Allowed to drink coffee (a Cup a day).

Traditional medicine if trombotsitopatii

  • As the tea needs to brew and drink the leaves of red grapes, cranberries, parsley, nettle and plantain.
  • In the struggle with the disease will help the juice of the nettle. It is necessary to drink a teaspoon with 50 ml of milk or water. These techniques should be three per day.
  • If a strong bleeding gums oral cavity should be rinsed with a decoction of oak bark, calamus root, Linden flowers, or Potentilla goose.
  • Uterine bleeding you need to make a decoction of shepherd’s purse or Burnet. To prepare a medicinal decoction, you need 1 tablespoon of dry, powdered raw material which is poured into a Cup of hot water and infuse overnight in a thermos. The glass of the decoction should be divided into 3 doses and drink during the day.
  • When any kind of trombotsitopatii useful decoction of cucumber lashes, Sophora, chicory, Rue and bark viburnum.
  • Bleeding in the stomach and intestines take a decoction of water pepper and horsetail.
  • When hemorrhage on the skin helps with an ointment made of the dried leaves of Rue and sunflower oil (you can use butter). Oil should be 5 times more than the leaves. All carefully mix and place in a cool, dark place for 14 days. The affected area should be lubricated with a thin layer of ointment three times a day until complete healing.
  • If the burst vessel and there was a bruise quickly eliminate it will help the dressing with fresh juice of cabbage or boiled aloe juice. In the same order good help the young leaves of the willow tree.
  • In any even minor injuries to the damaged place is necessary to make a chilled raw meat, ice. They will help to reduce the blood flow.
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In the presence of trombotsitopatii should change classes active sports less traumatic.

Constantly need to carry a collagen sponge. They effectively stop bleeding.

Dangerous and harmful products if trombotsitopatii

  • products containing vinegar;
  • tomatoes, melon, grapefruit, red sweet pepper;
  • smoked, canned food, conservation;
  • alcohol;
  • spicy, fatty, salty food;
  • sour apples;
  • spices;
  • sauces, mayonnaise (especially shopping);
  • fast food, foods, dyes, food additives.

These products have a negative impact on the structure of platelets and thin the blood.


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