What you might not know: panicle groats

Panicle is the smallest of the alternative cereals. It is widely distributed in Ethiopia, but today it is also available in the European market. Porridge is boiled from the panicle and injere bread is prepared. It is one of the most nutritious grains in the world. Panicle is rich in calcium, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Panicle dishes give a feeling of satiety, which is especially important for dieters. In panicle, unlike wheat, there is no gluten and it is easier for digestion.

You can buy a panicle in the form of cereals or ready-made. There is flour from this wonderful cereal, from which fragrant bakery products are baked.

Gluten free

Panicle does not contain a protein that causes allergic reactions. And this is important not only for celiacs, most people are sensitive to gluten in one way or another. Diseases of the skin, digestive organs, mood disorders – all this can be a consequence of the use of gluten.

Source of energy

Most grains contain protein, but panicle has a higher amino acid content, especially lysine. Amino acids are extremely important for maintaining energy in the body. Panicle refers to whole grains, its carbohydrates are broken down slowly, and this is the advantage of a wonderful cereal over refined carbohydrates.

Improves bowel function

Panicle flour contains 30 g of fiber per 5 g, while other similar products contain only 1 g. This feature plays a positive role in regulating bowel function. Fiber helps remove toxic waste from the colon. Also, this product maintains a feeling of satiety for a long time and reduces the desire to snack.

Quickly preparing

Panicle is smaller than rice and wheat, so it is not difficult to cook it. When cooking, it is important to keep track of time.

For healthy bones

For those avoiding dairy, it is important to find alternative sources of calcium. Fortunately, there are plant foods, and panicle is one of them, that are a good source of calcium. Calcium and a high content of antioxidants have a beneficial effect on the composition of bone tissue.

How to prepare a blizzard?

It is cooked in the same way as quinoa or rice in the proportion of 1 part cereal to 2 parts water, but less time. Panicle replaces rice or oatmeal in dishes, bringing a delicate nutty flavor. Pancake flour can be substituted for ¼ of flour in baked goods to increase nutritional value.


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