follow your heart

But how to be? Keep your opinion to yourself and be a kind of “gray mouse” that adapts to circumstances and people? No, I think a lot of people want far from that. It will be enough just to find the golden mean. Everyone has the right to exist and express their point of view. The main thing here is not to reach fanaticism, when the statement turns into a goal to convince the interlocutor. This is not what they came for. Dismiss me.

Why am I against controversy? Because it seems to me one is sure to win. He will either convince the interlocutor, or sow the seed of doubt, which this interlocutor does not need at all. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, one of the interlocutors is emotionally and psychologically stronger than the other. And this is acceptable and normal. As long as there is a border.

Understand that if a person’s belief does not correspond to his inner feelings, or if he just decided to try something, but slowly realizes that it’s not his, then a seed of doubt will be sown even when simply expressing someone else’s opinion. If it is necessary, then it will happen. But disputes only introduce him into a certain state of eternal tension and misunderstanding. Each time he will be persuaded. Each time different points of view will outweigh. It can be objected: what kind of person is this without established views? This often happens with people who are just starting to look for their own path, just starting to look for something of their own. This letter, in principle, applies more to them. People with more or less established views are harder to lead astray.

There’s no point in arguing. It makes sense to follow your heart and change your environment. Understand, even an alcoholic, if he gets into a society of teetotalers and exists only in it, sooner or later he will stop drinking. Or run away from such people to people close in spirit. And there is nothing abnormal in this. We depend on our environment. Anyway. The only question is whether we depend on the closest people / people who are authority for us. Or we are dependent on completely outside miracle thinkers or acquaintances. After all, it often happens that even individuals from the Internet can make us doubt. It would seem, who are they?! But for some reason, they somehow affect.

So I want to say again that It is very important to communicate with people close to you in spirit. No matter how strange and incomprehensible this very “spirit” may be … No matter how absurd your views may be, you need people who will understand you! Human needs human! Therefore, do not be afraid to seek allies! Do not be afraid to talk about yourself, about your thoughts and views, otherwise you will always be where you have to, and not where you want.

And yes, I just encourage everyone to follow their heart! But only to the heart, not to the brain or genitals or anything else! Only the heart can lead us all to peace, to some kind of happiness and tranquility. And yes, I can say that this tool is universal. It will always eventually lead to something that brings you joy. To something that will motivate you, that will nurture a Human in you, to something that will help you find true happiness and understand the true Essence. Any path and any maneuver will lead to something good, if only we act from the heart. And from the heart means with love for the people around us. That is, with the desire to do well not only for yourself, but also for others.

Everyone has his own path. Everyone has their own experience. Everyone has their own thoughts. We will never find people with absolutely identical views. This is how the world works. And for good reason, I think. But we always have one thing in common: the pursuit of happiness. So happiness can only be achieved by following the call of your heart. With love, understanding and compassion for others. Why is it important? Because if you, following, as you might think, your heart, go to rob a bank, believe me, you will not do good to others, and to yourself … also doubtful. But if you do what you love, for example, you will treat people’s teeth, then you will do good to others. Do you understand the difference?

Of course, to follow the heart was easier, we need people who will support, who will help and guide, who will want to learn something from you too. Therefore, there should always be people in the environment above you, and equal to you, and below you – but just a little bit – so that everyone understands each other and does not want to run away from all these too abstruse speeches. Why is the close environment important? Because if there is none, there will always be people who want to convince you! “This is stupid, this is strange, this will not be useful, this is not profitable” and so on.

Judge for yourself: the average person will not understand a drunkard who, by the way, is happy where he is. But he will not understand a person who does not drink, does not smoke, and even, for example, a vegetarian. Is everyone good in their position? Yes. So why complicate things with arguments? To make everyone feel bad? You always have the option of not talking about controversial topics with someone you don’t understand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, sister or mother. Yes, it doesn’t matter. It is important to respect these people, of course, but this does not prevent us from distancing ourselves from them. Nobody will be harmed by this.

We all have different paths. And it is normal that we converge and disperse. Only your spouse is the person who is forever. Well, that’s how it should be. Why? Because you are always there, your paths can only diverge if they did not initially intersect. And if you did not agree on physical attraction, then one way or another your paths will always coincide as much as possible. No wonder they say that husband and wife are one. It’s right. And with the rest .. There, how life will turn out. Even children one day can go in their views in a completely different direction. And there is nothing wrong with that. 

And in the end, I want to say again that the opinions of different thinking people can radically differ. And now all these words are another opinion of a thinking person. And you have the right to disagree with him. You have the right to remain in your opinion. Just let’s not argue – let’s still respect each other and try to understand, at least a little bit.



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